Wednesday, August 5, 2009

NFL Football Bets-NFL Odds- Tennessee Titans Betting Preview

I was looking over the NFL future odds “NFL Regular Season Win Totals” betting options, looking for an edge. I always like to have a few Season Win Total bets in my pocket by the time the regular season kicks off. For one, I have a pretty good record over the years of making a profit on these future bets, and two, I like having the season-long action, as every weekend, regardless of what single game wagers you make, you’ll also have a betting interest in a few games.

So it was with this in mind that I put my NFL handicapping hat on and was looking over the AFC South division for a possible bet.

Looking at the NFL odds ,Football Bets at online sportsbook, the Indianapolis Colts have an Over/Under Season Win total of 10.5. At this point, before camp, I don’t have a feel one way or the other. The same goes for the numbers on Jacksonville (Over/Under 8) and the Houston Texans (Over/Under 8.5).

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But the Tennessee Titans line of Over/Under 9 caught my eye. Tennessee is coming off a near perfect regular season in 2008, sporting a 13-3 mark. I just don’t see a repeat of those lofty numbers, not with their 2009 schedule.

That said, I do see some value in playing the “Over” 9 wins for this team in 2009. Online sportsbook have added some juice to the “Over” play, but I’m willing to lay the -130 juice on this one.

Yes, the Titans lost All-World defensive player Albert Haynesworth, and while his absence will, of course, be felt, I don’t think it will be as significant as many others. Haynesworth makes everyone around him better, of that there is no question, but this Tennessee defense has played without him in the past, and played well. He has not managed to suit up for all 16 games in a season since his second year in the league. But more importantly for the sports betting crew who are looking at betting on this team is that defensive line coach Jim Washburn is one of the best position coaches in the league. He gets the most out of his players and knows how to scheme for opposing O-lines, creating mismatches. Don’t look for a big drop-off from this defense. They’re very solid at linebacker and have one of the best secondaries in the game.

Offensively, they have all the pieces in place. Kerry Collins isn’t going to dazzle anyone, but he proved to be a very steady pivot and one who could make plays when he needed to. The O-line is good at pass protection and very good at run blocking.

With Chris Johnson and Lendale White, the Titans will be tough to control when they run the ball. Look for them to continue to churn out the yards on the ground, which takes pressure off the passing game, opening the entire offense up.

With the pieces still largely in place, this is a team that has a shot at going deep in the playoffs.

Looking at the current lineup and their schedule, I see them hitting 10 to 11 wins, which triggered the bet at on the “Over” 9 wins.

Good luck with all your NFL betting as we get ready for the NFL Football Bets preseason. Next week I’ll be looking at the NFL preseason odds and preseason picks for Week 1.

Good luck with all your sports betting picks.