Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New York Yankees George Steinbrenner died of heart attack at age 80

New York Yankees George Steinbrenner died of heart attack at age 80: George Steinbrenner, who inspired both fear and the Yankees in more than three decades as owner, died Tuesday of a heart attack at age 80.

"He was and always will as much as the New York Yankees of Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and all other Yankee legends," said baseball commissioner Bud Selig. Once reviled by fans for its authoritarian character and stormy Steinbrenner softened in the last decade and became beloved by employees and competitors about its success.

Steinbrenner was kidnapped from his home in St. Josephs Hospital in Tampa, Florida and died around 6:30 am, a person familiar with the owner told. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the team did not disclose the details.

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2011 NHL Play Offs : NHL 2011 Stanley Cup Futures Betting - Can Hawks repeat?

NHL 2011 Stanley Cup Futures Betting @sportsbook: While it’s only July, still a way’s away from the NHL betting season, it’s never too early to check out Sports Betting’s odds of winning Lord Stanley’s Cup. When last we left off, two storied franchises, the Flyers and the Blackhawks were doing battle in the finals, with Chicago coming out on top.
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This summer’s free agent crop hasn’t been as impressive as in years past. This tells us that the top teams will once again reign supreme for hockey betting. As for the Hawks and Flyers, Chicago is favored to be a contender again this season at 9 to 2, while Philly is longer NHL odds at 11 to 1.

Surprisingly, the Washington Capitals, a team that flamed out in the first round of the playoffs after leading the league in the regular season, are co-favorites at 9 to 2. Based on what they weren’t able to do last season, we can’t believe many sharps are liking their odds right now.

Elsewhere, one team that is always in the hunt is Detroit. The Wings are listed at 8 to 1 to take home the next hockey championship. As for the Penguins, they’re a decent betting value at 11 to 2. Pittsburgh still has its core intact and no doubt will be hungrier this season. If one had to choose between the soft Capitals and the postseason-tested Pens, we think the choice is clear.

But there are some other intriguing teams to bet on at the moment. Without a confirmation on sniper Ilya Kovalchuk signing with the Kings at the moment, L.A. is still great value at 15 to 1. The hockey odds for the Kings will certainly change after Kovalchuk is signed.

And how about the San Jose Sharks? Much maligned for not succeeding in the playoffs, they finally got to the final four this past spring. Currently, Sports Betting has San Jose’s odds at 11 to 1, probably a perfect assessment.

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Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Boxing Betting: Will Mayweather Fight Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.Boxing Betting @Sportsbook: It’s been supposedly in the works for some time but will fans of the Sweet Science get to see Manny Pacquiao take on Floyd Mayweather Jr.?
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The Pacman’s camp isn’t holding out hope it seems.

According to ESPN, Friday is the deadline for a bout between the two and promoter Bob Arum and Pacquiao’s management are meeting to discuss other fight options — including proposed matches vs. Antonio Margarito and a rematch with Miguel Cotto.

“We’re ready to go on with the Mayweather fight,” Arum said in the report.

“But we have to make contingency plans just in case and I don’t really want to talk about that too much.”

Regardless, still has odds for Pacquiao-Mayweather should Money May agree to a fight before the deadline expires.

Mayweather Jr. is currently the favorite at -160 while Pacquiao is a +130 underdog — the fight must take place in 2010 for action.

While Arum and Pacquiao’s camp is planning for a “Nay” from Mayweather Jr. they do say there is a glimmer of hope.

“Mayweather has until the end of the week. He could wait until the last minute. If it’s Friday and it’s 11 p.m., and he says we have a deal, we have a deal,” Arum went on to say.

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British Open Betting: Tiger Seeks First Win Of 2010

The 2010 British Open Live Updates @Online Sportsbook: The 2010 British Open is set to begin at St. Andrews later this week and while Tiger Woods has been struggling this year, he’s still the odds-on favorite at +550.

Tiger hasn’t done that badly at majors this year finishing fourth in both the U.S. Open and The Masters but you know that he wants to take first-overall.

He will be changing things up going in, however, as he will be using a new putter for the first time since 1999 — he will use a new Nike model.

“Steve (Williams, Tiger’s caddy) and I have been talking about it for years and when I was working with Butch (Harmon) and Hank (Haney) I’ve always struggled on slow greens,” Woods told ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi.

“I’ve always struggled to hit the ball hard enough and this putter comes off faster; it definitely rolls the ball better and faster.”

“I haven’t had to make as big an adjustment with my speed as I have in the past,” he said.

But there are more distractions in Scotland.

During a media session, the rabid British media grilled Woods about his marital problems and how he hasn’t been a kinder, gentler Tiger like he said he would and Woods gave his usual canned responses.

Will a new putter help him win and will the British media affect his game?

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World Cup 2010 Spain vs Netherlands Highlights, Andres Iniesta winning goal

Spain vs Netherlands Highlights World Cup 2010: Andres Iniesta who scored the winning goal for the 2010 FIFA World Cup match for Spain at the 116th minutes. The winning Spain memorable goal was greeted by more than 80,000 fans at Soccer City, Johannesburg and 750 million worldwide.

2010 FIFA World Cup Finals, Spain vs Netherlands and relive the glory of victory.

FIFA 2010, Spain vs Holland was a physical game of the 2010 World Cup. Dozens of red and yellow cards were given to the Netherlands, who played rugby and street like a football game, far from total football they invented long ago.

Arjen Robben and Wesley Sneijder of Netherlands did not lead their team to victory, and first to break the curse of losing finals. In 2010 FIFA World Cup finals is their third lost after lost against West Germany in 1974 and Argentina in 1978.

It could have been their greatest opportunity, but were no match for the strength and courage of the likes of Xavi Hernandez, Adnres Iniesta, David Villa, Iker Casillas, Puyol, Carlos and others. This World Cup is definitely for the Spanish. Spain vs Netherlands Highlights World Cup 2010