Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lakers felt “ Embarrassed “ in worst Loss Of The Season to Bobcats

The defending champion Los Angeles Lakers have been left embarrassed after their worst loss of the season, a fly by the Charlotte Bobcats 109-89 on Monday. 
One day, while a bad 89-75 loss to the Orlando Magic, the Lakers fell and effort that left coach Phil Jackson fuming.
"I just have this to say: we're very disappointed in our performance tonight, we're embarrassed about what we did, and that's it,"Jackson said before walking away. 
When you start the trip current seven-game road with four wins, Los Angeles has lost two straight and has dropped eight of their last 10 meetings Bobcats (24-31). 
Charlotte forward Gerald Wallace posted 20 points and 11 rebounds, while Gerald Henderson added 18 points to lead the Bobcats to an increase in the second half stunned the Lakers (38-18). 
The Bobcats closed the third quarter to pull clear of 14-3 spur topull 78-60 and led by as much as 28 in the fourth. 
Kobe Bryant had 20 points but made only 8 of 20 shots, while Pau Gasol finished with 17 points and 10 rebounds in defeat. 
Los Angeles will look to pick against the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA-worst on Wednesday in their final road trip.