Wednesday, March 9, 2011

South Florida Villanova In Big East Paralyzes Tournament

The Wildcats looked more like the team that had lost four straight games in the second half.

Anthony scored Crater riding position, with 5.1 seconds remaining and a last-gasp shot at the buzzer Maalik Wayns clanked off the rim, when the stun South Florida 10-seeded Wildcats 70-69 in the Big East tournament.

Villanova squandered lead to 16 points, making only four field goals in the second half.

"I do not think any of us ever finished a season like this," Villanova coach Jay Wright later complained, "if we have to get their heads straight."

Wayns finished 24 points for the Wildcats (21-11), which slipped from No. 6 of the nation earlier this season in the first round of the Big East tournament. Now, if they are still selected, slip into the NCAA tournament having lost five straight.

Its collapse was complete when he threw a pass from Wayne to end with 22.8 seconds remaining in the crater in a superposition of green light.

Wildcats sophomore guard "looked as if he could redeem himself when he hung up his own record in the basket and two free throws, but 11.6 seconds on the clock proved to be too.
South Florida stuns Villanova in Big East Tournament

Kraatteri eighty ulkomailta ohi ja meni pituus lattian, liukastuminen on hämmentynyt Villanova asetelmaan puolustuksen helposti, yes suurin Voitto aika Etelä-Florida.

"The last game was designed for me to get off the ball screen," said the crater, but I saw that the track was OK, so I took it. "

Shaun Noriega kuusi 3-teki teki ja ja viitteet pistettä 22 15 johtaa siemenineen Bulls (10-22), jotka Niida olivate menettäneet kahdeksan Yli yhdeksän turnaukseen tulossa. Augustus Gilchrist lysate pistettä 16 Jawanza Puolassa ja oli 11.

This tournament is the second big win for the Bulls this since joining the league for the 2005-06 season. They will play No. 7 seed Cincinnati on Wednesday night.
"It was a great game, great coach Stan Heath said." I'm very proud of the strong performance of our team in the second half. In the first half, it seems that we all. In the second half, we defended and obtained by stray bullets. "

Almost the only bright spot for Villanova was the return of sniper Corey Stokes, who is questionable with a left thigh injury he suffered in practice on March 3.

Stokes did not start the game, but controlled almost immediately, hitting a couple 3s and a fast, which seems to move as well. He had 16 points as the Wildcats closed the first half 28-7 run to build a seemingly insurmountable 49-33 lead, but he did not score at all in the second half.

The Wildcats certainly have been beaten bunch this season, top scorer with Corey Fisher scored 15 points against South Florida facing a severe tendinitis in his right knee, suffered spasms and Wayne just a few weeks ago.

'Nova can not add more Mouphtaou yarou list.

The big man came up to block a shot at the end of the first half and closed hard to the floor under the basket in South Florida. He did not move for several minutes, Wright and coach to check on him, then helped to the locker room. He reappeared a few minutes on the bench in the second half of the stitches on his cheek and ice wrapped around his ribs.

"When it rains, it pours. I think what is happening. We've just got to fight through," said Wright. "We need to keep your head up."

The Wildcats have the last 8 minutes of play without a field goal, finishing 4 of 18 on the ground in the second half, and still keep close to the mouth of South Florida rally, making 22 of 24 free throws.

The two girls have been costly, however.

Wayne, a shooter for 81 percent error at the end sounded a 1-and-1 with 48 seconds left in the game. Then came Stokes, a shooter 89 percent error, which also lost by 9 seconds later, giving South Florida a lot of hope.

"The way our season went, to get this win is so beautiful because it was a long season," said Noriega. "To get this win and upset Villanova, we feel really good about it. "