Thursday, August 13, 2009

2009 Week 1 Preseason Odds -Online NFL Betting And Football Betting

How do you like the new NFL season so far Titan bettors? Yeah, I feel the same way as I was holding a Tennessee ticket at -3 last Sunday night as well. When the Titans took the safety at the end of the game to win 21-18, that push felt as close to a loss as any pointspread push ever could. And Buffalo bettor s don’t gloat too long, as the sports betting gods have a way of evening these things out.

Now we move on to Week 1 preseason NFL Football betting action. One of the feature matchups for the opening week of preseason betting is scheduled for Thursday night, when we’ll get to see Tom Brady in game action for the first time in 11 months. The Patriots travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles and have been listed as a 3-point underdog. Don’t expect much more than two series from Brady and the same from Donovan McNabb and the Philly starters.

Talking to several sportsbook, it looks like the Patriots are getting the edge from the sports betting community, with New England seeing 65% of the wagering volume.

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Despite the wagering volume favoring the Patriots, I’m leaning the other way in this matchup. Yes, Brady has looked good in camp, along with the entire first-string offense. Tossing to Randy Moss and Wes Welker, this is going to be an explosive offense again in 2009. While I don’t know if we’ll see the gaudy numbers this crew put up in 2007, led by a healthy Brady, they’ll likely lead the league in most key offensive categories this season.

That said, this is a preseason game, so Brady and McNabb play a very small role in the handicapping process as we look for Football bets picks. In the preseason, I always pay close attention to the QB position, but it is Week 3 when the first-stringers become very important. This week it is about matching up the backups vs. the opposing second and third string defenses.

New England’s Kevin O'Connell will play a significant role, getting a bulk of the important snaps. On the other side, I’m looking at Kevin Kolb and AJ Feeley. I’ve always liked AJ Feeley in preseason and look for spots to play the Eagles when he is going to get a decent amount of snaps, particularly if they come against third-stringers for a few series. And I think we will get that scenario in this matchup. I expect Feeley, who has had some success as a starter in the league, to look good and move the ball.

Looking at this one, I do like the matchups for Philadelphia after the starters have played a couple of series. I’m laying the -3 points with this preseason bet and playing on the Philadelphia Eagles.

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