Thursday, March 3, 2011

CTE Found In Brain Tissue Probert

Bob Probert knew the fierce blows he has received and distributed more than 16 seasons in the NHL enforcer was at his expense, as he grew older. That's why he wanted his brain to be analyzed once he is dead.

Although heart failure finally ended his life in July last year at age 45, Probert also lived with a brain damaged.

Researchers at Boston University said Thursday that Probert had degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The disease was detected by analysis of brain tissue donated by Probert.

It is the second player's hockey program at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy have been diagnosed with the disease after death. Reggie Fleming, executor of the 1960s who played before helmets were mandatory, also took ETC.

CSTE is a collaboration between Boston University Medical School and the Sports Legacy Institute is trying to solve what he calls the "crisis of concussion in sport. The group has been at the forefront of research on brain damage in sports, and has received a donation of $ 1 million from the NFL, which has lobbied for better treatment of bruises.

Family of former Bears safety Dave Duerson decided to donate brains for research after he committed suicide last month in 50 years.

As one of the most feared players in NHL penalty Probert had 3,300 minutes, fifth league career list. It 'was the toughest and most prolific fighter of his time. Probert, who has struggled to defeat the alcohol problems of his time, played in the NHL Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks in 1985-1994 and 1995-2002.

"We're just beginning to appreciate the consequences of brain injuries in the sport," said Chris Nowinski, Sports Legacy Institute, co-founder and CEO. "Early indications are that the historic decision to discourage contact to the head was a big mistake, and hope that the changes remain aggressive efforts to protect athletes, especially among young people."

The first results were reported by The New York Times and the Globe and Mail of Toronto on Wednesday night.

"Bob told me he wanted to donate his brain to Boston University after learning about research 60 Minutes," his widow, Dani, said in a statement released by the Institute. "His only motivation was to make the sport safer for our children. Bob was a great husband and father, and we miss him every day. "

Several of the biggest stars of the NHL, including Sidney Crosby of Pittsburgh (notes), he missed time this season due to the effects of a concussion. Crosby has not played since he absorbed a couple of hits in consecutive games in early January.

Commissioner Gary Bettman said during the All-Star break that concussions are in place this season, but quickly took note of the increase appears to be due to inadvertent or accidental situations, rather than the head contact another player.

Although the NHL has introduced a new rule makes blind side hits to the head illegal lateral, and general managers of the league will see later this month for an additional contact to the head should be prohibited, the fighting has long been an important part of pro gaming.

There was no sign that the NHL is concerned to modify or delete that part of the popular sport.

"The results are interesting and certainly something I will add a much wider body of knowledge" of the NHL, Bill Daly, deputy commissioner for the Associated Press in an e-mail. "But we will not answer or make changes based on the outcomes associated with a player, especially when it is impossible to identify or isolate one of the many variables that can be taken into account in the conclusions, and when there is no real control group "to compare their results. "

The detailed results of brain tissue Probert will not be published before they are submitted to a medical journal. His family has requested that the diagnosis is made public so that awareness could be raised about the dangers of head injuries in sports and encourage more efforts to make the sport safer for the brain, says SLI.

"Diagnosis of brain Probert CTE is not necessarily a hockey accusation because it was a head injury during the fighting outside of hockey and sports like heck of a great car," said Nowinski. "Reggie Fleming, the only NHL player with a diagnosis of CTE, was also the enforcer, so we need further studies before this research can truly say that the current debate and important."

Fleming died in 2009 at the age of 73 with dementia, while 30 years of deterioration in cognitive and behavioral difficulties.

Daniel Probert said her husband showed mental decline of about 40, had new challenges and increasingly short-term memory, attention and short-term nature. These are all symptoms match those shown by other athletes ETC.

During the last year of life Probert, Probert Daniel said her husband told her he thought there were three or four "significant concussion." But when it comes to "his bell," the institute said it was a concussion, by definition, Probert told his wife that their total is spent "more than a dozen."

"In my heart, I do not think that the fight against what Bob is," said Daniel Probert the New York Times. "It was hockey, all inspections and visits and things like that."

Nowinski said last month more than 300 athletes, including 100 current and former NFL players are CSTE registry donation of the brain. There are 65 cases under investigation. CSTE "brain bank" currently has 68 people.

Dr. Ann McKee, co-leader of the RTA, said that the bank is the largest brains in the world, analyzed the brains of 40 former athletes and found that 30 showed evidence of CTE. It includes 13 of the 14 former NFL players, college players and football school, hockey players, wrestlers and boxers pro.

CTE, originally called "dementia boxing," because it was thought that only affect the boxers, is a progressive disease of the brain thought to result of repeated trauma to the brain, including concussions, or blow subconcussive.

It is believed that other undetermined factors such as genetic predisposition makes some people at greater risk of developing the disease.

Keith Primeau, a former hockey All-Star who was forced to retire in 2006 because of injuries during his career of 15 NHL seasons, is among those who have decided to donate their brains.

Primeau and Probert was a teammate Red Wings in four seasons.

"Hockey is taking positive steps to protect players from concussions and brain injuries," he said. "I hope that the results of my friend, Bob Probert, will accelerate this process at all levels of the game."

NFL Union Chief As Of The Date On Thursday ACB

WASHINGTON (AP)-Locked staredown billion dollars, the NFL and the players union has led the last day of the expiring collective bargaining agreement with the single word, and significant progress in increasing the likelihood of moves that ultimately could threaten the 2011 season.

The sides were scheduled to resume Thursday morning federal mediation. The current labor contract runs out at midnight Eastern time on Thursday that will be Friday, and among the possibilities is that the union withdraw before the deadline, the deadline could be extended, or owners could decide to block players, something the association has planned all along.
That these cases, the most popular sport in the country liquidate losing regular-season games for a work stoppage for the first time since 1987. This probably seems inconceivable that football fans who buy tickets and drive ratings, helping the NFL become an industry with annual sales topping $ 9 billion.

Two people who feel the NFL Players Association plans told The Associated Press has been prepared to decertify the union Thursday, unless last-minute wins. This activity represents the Union does not represent the players that would waive the rights of labor, and instead risk the court under competition law. People spoke on condition of anonymity because the Union has not made plans for the public.
There was a series of activities Wednesday: The four-hour mediation session involving all 10 members of the owners of the working committee, the union president Kevin Mawa (notes) and the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (notes); meeting three hours of the owners of hotels 25 miles away Chantilly, Virginia, with another planned withdrawal Collection of owners on Thursday, and started a private mediator George Cohen from 20:00 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell two top-flight lawyers, the New York Giants owner John Mara and the Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy.

Mara is the first owner participates in the nine days of mediation on Tuesday and Murphy left just after 21:30 Goodell leads the NFL labor negotiator, Jeff Pash, and outside counsel Bob Batterman.

"Long Day," said Mara.
Asked the purpose of the meeting in the evening half an hour with Cohen, Pash said: "To speak with a broker and get some direction."

Almost 12 hours earlier when she and other members of Goodell's NFL team arrived Wednesday for talks at the hearing said Pash, the league and the Union could agree to postpone the date for reaching a new CBA.

"We have to see where we are. We have said it is an option. Do not do anything on the table," said Pash.
The owners took no action during the afternoon session in Chantilly, and most said they were heading out of town, including some, like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and Robert Kraft of New England Patriots, which were mediated by Wednesday.

Owners are not required to take a vote lockout that authority has been given to their labor markets committee, which met separately for one hour.

"We can not comment, and more, we are definitely still involved in the dialogue, so no comment," said Jones.
Colts owner Jimmy Irsay of Indianapolis said the owners happy to be updated on the negotiations, but there was no reason for them to stay in Washington as the deadline approaches.

"We had a chance to ask questions, but we did not break with a vote of lockout or something," Irsay said.

Asked what should happen on the road to the expiration of the CBA, he added: "I never expected, except to have A, B, C, D and E, and still predict Change F. It a chessboard, moving. around and things happen at odd times. "

Labour members who participated in negotiations Wednesday were: Mara, Murphy, Power, Jones, Jerry Richardson, Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers Art Rooney, Mike Brown (notes) at Cincinnati Bengals, Clark Hunt, the Chiefs Kansas City, Dean Spano San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos and Pat Bowles.
Brees, a member of the NFLPA Executive Committee, Mawa and had participated in this round of mediated talks, which started Feb. 18. But now all members of the Executive Committee of the Alliance must be at least once.

"We're not talking about" Mawa said, when he left. 'It's better than talking. "

Because Cohen said the two parties to remain silent in public about ongoing negotiations, none revealed any specific information on what progress had been made.

The highest point of glue along has been how to divide the revenues of the league, including the reduction of the team owners should be given in advance to help cover some costs, such as construction of the stadium. Under the old agreement, the owners received $ 1 billion on top. Entered these negotiations to add $ 1 billion for that.
Other important issues: a rookie salary scale, pushing the owners to extend the 16-game regular season to 18, while the reduction of the preseason with two games, and benefits for retired players.

Cohen said last week that the sides were far apart on key issues.

At the end of Thursday, more will be known exactly how far.

"I do not want to put any certainty that tonight or tomorrow might bring can provide," Irsay said Wednesday. "It's really, really difficult to predict. Things change. "

AP Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner and Sports Writer Joseph White in Chantilly, Va., Larry Lage in Detroit and Rob Maaddi in Philadelphia contributed to this report.