Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NFL Betting Recap – Free Football Contests

Taking a look back on the past weekend’s events is a good idea if you are into NFL betting – even when betting on NFL preseason odds. Consider it practice for the real thing.

Most people who enjoy sports betting and particularly, NFL betting, take it easy when wagering on the NFL betting preseason games. Regardless of what you read in the local papers or posting forums and no matter how many sports betting services are on a certain side or total, plans can change. Unpredictability is the nature of the preseason beast.

Reflecting back on the highs and lows of a recent weekend is a sometimes difficult but necessary evil. Marking losses with a bright red marker, a practice that even professional handicappers employ is painful and it stands out. It’s not something they want to make a habit of.

Whether it was a winning or losing week, anyone that got a chance to take in some of the Week 2 action on the NFL Network or one of the national broadcasts was treated to a couple of interesting storylines, plus we get set for contest season with’s free football contests (see the details below):

Brett Favre Starts For Vikes:

Ask a single person that lives outside of Dallas or Washington what was the biggest football related event and if they don’t say, “Brett Favre in purple,” they are probably lying.

Favre’s two drives were anti-climactic to say the least, going 1-for-4 and taking a good lick in the process. And it sparks debate as to whether any player, regardless of his stature or place in the record books, should be on the field in a live game after missing most of training camp.

A sidebar to the whole Favre situation was a solid performance by Tavares Jackson (12-15, 202 yards). Maybe we keep Minnesota on the list of teams with QB competitions a little longer?

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Dallas Unveils New Home:

And in Dallas, little Jerry got to show off his new toy, the Cowboys notched an impressive win and everyone in Cowtown went home happy. After looking awful in Week 1, when the NFL lines came out for Week 2 preseason action Dallas was a small home favorite vs. the Tennessee Titans. The Cowboys covered the spread in their first games in the new stadium, sending fans home happy.

It was pretty funny, though, when the punters that had been pelting the new, million-peg light-bright all through practice actually hit it during the game.

Afterwards Jerry Jones said he built that thing to spec and if the league wants to change it they can foot the bill. Wonder which online sportsbook will be the first to offer an Over/Under prop on number of games until the league caves in and pays for the thing to be raised.

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