Thursday, March 31, 2011

AP Source: Texas A & M Miller Is Invited To The NFL Draft

NEW YORK (AP)-University of Texas A & M linebacker Von Miller was invited to the NFL draft, even if a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the league.

A person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press that Miller is one of 20 players invited to the college April 28 to 30 projects. The person spoke on condition of anonymity Wednesday because the NFL has not announced who he is invited.

Miller won the Butkus award as the top linebacker in the nation and should be a high choice in the first round. It has not yet responded to the invitation, the person said.
Miller ended the March 11 Tom Brady,Peyton Manning,Drew Brees and six other NFL players suing to get an injunction from a court of Minnesota to block a lockout.

Miller's agent, Joby Branion, acts as the first athletes, representatives of business in Irvine, California, where one factor is Andrew Kessler, a son, Jeffrey Kessler. Elder Kessler is an attorney and NFL Players Association in the years directly involved in seeking to ban the players to avoid a lockout.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Junker, Fiesta Bowl, President And CEO Kicked Out Of An Internal Probe

Scottsdale, Arizona (AP)-Fiesta Bowl and asked to justify his inclusion in the BCS after organizers of the Arizona game fired CEO John Junker for the system of "apparent" resume political donations from employees and the "obvious conspiracy" to hide the fact.

The Fiesta Bowl has released a scathing internal report on Tuesday.

Damages awarded at least $ 46,539, is a serious violation of state campaign finance laws and the Charter that allows the Fiesta Bowl and his non-profit status. Arizona Attorney General's office will probe the matter.
BCS has responded quickly, saying it would conduct an investigation on its own "to examine whether the Fiesta Bowl should remain a BCS Bowl or other appropriate sanctions."

Fiesta Council voted unanimously to fire Junker "for its erratic and inappropriate documented" in the report.

"For the Fiesta Bowl and the family is angry and disappointed by what we have seen the report and the actions of Mr. Junker, Fiesta Bowl President Duane Woods said the conference venue in downtown Scottsdale. "Fiesta Bowl is more than a few people, and the lesson here really believe that we have set themselves too much trust in an individual."

Woods has no questions.

Junker, his ubiquitous bright yellow jacket, Fiesta Bowl, stood in front of the event for three decades, what is the event of an upstart Giants BCS. When the annual salary is about $ 600,000 had been paid administrative leader since February 4, after the government said, he did not comply with the two written guidelines on cooperation in investigations.

The council said the probe also revealed the "over-compensation, non-work and expenditure and inappropriate gifts appropriate."

Junker lawyer, Steve Dichter, said by e-mail that his client had no access to the report before its publication. He said the document had been discussed before held the Junker would comment on that.

The 276-page report from an investigation by the board Fiesta Bowl and a former Arizona State Supreme Court justice, was released at the site bowl.

The researchers said it was "obvious" system to repay at least $ 46.539 for political contributions by employees.

The probe also found "an apparent conspiracy to conceal the scheme for reimbursement of the cup of the Board and state officials," the press release accompanying the report.

CBS issued a statement from CEO Bill Hancock and Penn State University President Graham Spanier, president of the supervisory committee of the President.

"We are deeply disappointed and disturbed to learn of these results in relation to the Fiesta Bowl," the statement said. "The unprofessional behavior, unethical or inappropriate is unacceptable. There is no place for such activities in higher education or college sports. It is hoped that all parties to a contract with the BCS will be up to the highest standards. No want to be associated with organizations that believe otherwise. "

BCS leaders said the task force appointed to evaluate the results and recommendations in a bowl. They also asked the bowl to show why it should remain a BCS bowl game. Group will evaluate the response to the bowl, along with the complete list of reforms together in a bowl. "

And if the recipient is part of the BCS, the handling of this case will be closely monitored in the future.

Bowl officials said the first investigation, brief reports of payments was "defective." The probe found no evidence of such accusations.

Woods, head of waste management in the western region, has played an important role to save the PGA Phoenix Open. Now he has much bigger job of cleaning.

He said that the actions Junker, "unfortunately, was damaged by heavy that the Fiesta Bowl, has worked hard to maintain more than 40 years. Fiesta Bowl is more than a few people, is a product of thousands of volunteers working tirelessly and exemplary and care so deeply Fiesta Bowl, and everything you need to Arizona State. "

Woods described the timeline that began with a report in The Arizona Republic in December 2009 that five former or current employees Fiesta Bowl had been reimbursed for political contributions were encouraged to do so. A brief investigation by former Attorney General Grant Woods of Arizona, without regard to the President, led the commission to conclude that there was no credible evidence to justify the charges. Now the council says that the report was "flawed."

Duane Woods said that in September last year, an employee identified in the report, which Junker executive assistant Kelly Keough, came to his office and told that refunds had been made. This led to the lengthy probe that resulted in the report Tuesday.

Retired state Supreme Court Ruth McGregor, a three-member panel of inquiry, said the trio had full access to everything related to the probe without any resistance from the board.

"We believe our report is complete and accurate," he said. "Although the results are very disturbing, I am pleased that the Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors is moving forward with positive and concrete measures to solve their problems."

Repayments back at least to 2002, the report concludes. Donations to political parties, mainly the Republican candidates and causes, was not required, but strongly suggested by several employees told investigators.

According to the report, when the initial investigation was performed after the history of the Republic, a lobbying group that helped guide Gary Woods peel away from those who had been given refunds and care for others who were asked about what is to say. The brothers shell lobbying firm was paid $ 286,000 for the Fiesta Bowl in 2009, according to reports submitted by the IRS.

The board announced a series of measures to reform their operations and operate in a transparent manner to prevent recurrence of such problems. This includes hiring a chief financial officer and general counsel responsible for conformity.

The bowl has three years left on his contract four-year BCS contract. This could give you enough time to clean the problems facing a possible challenge to the Cotton Bowl, which has long sought a return to the bowling elite status and now has a great, a new stadium to support their cause.

Cotton Bowl president Rick Baker declined to comment in a bowl spokesman.
Expenditure report, a series of questions for the 50 years celebration Junker, Fiesta Bowl, will pay a price of $ 33.0000 at Pebble Beach, California, his car allowance and paid membership in the four elite private golf club . There was also a $ 1,200 travel Junker and two others are Phoenix strip club.

Dichter said Junker was not asked about the birthday party of the panel. He said he had nothing to do with paying for what it was made by another employee at the time. Junker lawyer provided to The Associated Press a copy of the interview now deposited CEO with investigators.

The Fiesta, which also operates the Insight Bowl and many other smaller events, staging highly anticipated showdown between Auburn and Oregon for the national championship this year.

The working group composed of seven members of BCS question survey will be conducted by Spanier and includes Northern Illinois president John Peters, Big East commissioner John Marinatto, Sun Belt commissioner Wright Waters, and sports director Jeremy Foley of Florida, Bob Bowlsby , Stanford and Richard Giannani of Southern Mississippi.

Former Players File Antitrust Lawsuit Against NFL

Four NFL players to retirement, including the Hall of Fame defensive end Carl Eller Pro Bowl, and running back Priest Holmes, has filed a federal class action, antitrust lawsuit against the NFL on Monday seeking to end lock out.

V. Eller NFL will Yahoo! Sport, which corresponds to Brady et al v. NFL. However, it is based on the measurement of potentially intelligent law, that the championship could be a box in a corner and indicates a significant development in pro football nearly ended the labor impasse that has lasted a month.
The trial of former players "includes the perspectives of eligible projects that are not represented by the Players Association NFL under the previous collective agreement. Therefore, these plaintiffs could avoid one of the chief arguments against the Anti Brady's trial - that the union illegally revoked.

"The owners say the union is illegally fired the union must be ordered to rebuild and forced to sit at the negotiating table," lead attorney Michael Hausfeld headquarters in Washington DC LLC Hausfeld said LAUNCHcast sports. "When we look at the last CBA, is the recruits who were drafted and recruits who began negotiating with teams."
This is why players wait until the college draft next month, the Union is not and can not be criticized for its withdrawal of certification. They are, however, says Hausfeld that affect the block.

"These players have a competition law," Hausfeld said. "They have essentially staked a career of being eligible for the NFL.

"The owners have closed their potential employees through a concerted boycott" Hausfeld said. "[L 'dress] owners should avoid the main lines of defense, and that the issue should be resolved [National Labor Relations Board] is not a court of law."
The NFL has said that his "lawyers have not had the opportunity to examine" the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court of the United States for the District of Minnesota. The NFLPA has been aware of the claim before submission, according to Hausfeld. It has also not yet responded to a comment.

Hausfeld has made a career of winning complex demands - which includes compensation for Holocaust survivors win by Swiss banks. His company is currently one of the ends of the wires in a lawsuit filed by former college athletes as Ed O'Bannon and Oscar Robertson against the NCAA for illegal use of their similarities.
For Eller, Hausfeld create a crack in the armor of the NFL.

"How stupid to have a bill in April and say, congratulations, you still can?" He asked.

By using the window between now and the start of the NFL draft, April 28, the NFL is exposed to this kind of argument.

NFL, Hausfeld said, would have to work out an agreement with the NFLPA or the assumption of risk in an antitrust case against it without the top. If the league were to lose, could the basic structures of your business - the salary cap, draft, free agency and so on. It would be better to accept an agreement.
"We are seeing something different," Hausfeld said. "[NFL] has created more confusion for yourself. If we can end the blockade and the Union, then they will negotiate separately for each player and former player.

"This is essentially the straw that broke the glass. It is hoped that forces everyone to the table."

It remains to be seen. Predict how any trial, much less complicated arguments of the competition will be unsuccessful. NFL has many lawyers, too.

For fans eager for any solution or forced labor if the impasse, this unexpected legal challenge at least, a positive potential.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Man That Killed UConn Player Sentenced To 18 Years

Vernon, Connecticut (AP)-The man who fatally stabbed the University of Connecticut football Jasper Howard during a fight on campus in 2009 apologized in tears to the Howard family Friday as he was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

John Lomax III, dressed in orange prison overalls for hands and feet shackled, sobbing as he told the powerful Howard family, that he regretted what he did.

"I know it hurts. I know it hurts," said Howard Lomax family members and friends in a crowded room with 70 people. "I do not want that to happen to any family. Even if you despise me, I do not despise you. We are all children of God. Not all of you haters. Y'all love."
The 22-year Lomax Bloomfield, was charged with murder, but asked no contest to manslaughter in the first degree in January. He had lived to 20 years in prison.

Investigators believe the fight started in a comment from a player in a woman. Howard died from a single stab wound.

Rockville Superior Court Judge Terence Sullivan noted that Lomax has no criminal record, was employed and supported his child.
"You're not really a bad person, but you did very, very bad thing," Sullivan said Lomax. "You took the life of Jasper Howard ... and there was no reason to. When his life, took him and his family all he had ... and what could have been."

Howard's mother, Joanglia Howard, Miami, Florida, was first too emotional to speak, but she recovered and told the judge that Jasper, a cornerback for 20 years, the Huskies junior, dreamed of play in the NFL.

"My son was taken from me," said Howard Joanglia. "He has done nothing for anyone. Fallu his life for no reason. My heart is torn. I miss my baby so much."
Howard Asper girlfriend was pregnant when he died and family members were sad that he never saw his daughter, who is almost her first birthday.

Howard, whose nickname was the Jazz, the home mortgage was a rough neighborhood near Miami Edison High School. His friends say he dreamed of a better life for his mother and two sisters.

"Jazz has been uplifting and loving, caring person," Sio Moore, who was Howard's teammate for two years, said he read the letter he wrote to other UConn players. "You've never seen the Jazz without a smile. Every day we remember his life."
State attorney Matthew Gedansky read a letter from former UConn coach Randy Edsall, who left school in January for the position of head coach at Maryland.

Edsall taken to hospital after being stabbed and Howard was the one who had to identify his body.

"I was shocked. When I got the Jazz, I prayed the whole nation lives touched," Edsall said. "There are no words to describe feelings, who took the time."

Just hours before the stabbing, Howard had one of his best games, Edsall said, with an interception, a forced fumble and 13 deal in a 38-25 victory over Louisville game back. Edsall said Howard should have continued to impress scouts pro.
The stabbing on October 18, 2009, occurred after someone pulled a fire alarm during a school-sponsored dance together hundreds of people at the Student Union.

23-year-old Hartford man, Johnny Hood, told police that he had to request the two men, later identified Portée players Brian and AJ Parker, when Parker made derogatory remarks about a woman.

Witnesses told police, according to an affidavit, a group that includes Howard and a group of Hood and Lomax have clashed outside the Student Union and blows were thrown. Hood and Lomax said football players are changing them. Parker suffered a stab wound in the back of lesser importance in the melee.

Many soccer players, like Howard, he went to the place near the UConn basketball arena, while Lomax and another man returned to the car and armed himself, police said.
Another fight broke out several people several minutes later in front of the arena. Witnesses said Howard opened his fist in Lomax and Lomax responded by reducing Howard. Gedansky, the prosecutor said Lomax cut an artery in the abdomen of Howard.

UConn football player Michael Smith, told police that Howard in streets yelling "I've got him!" Before collapsing.

Gedansky said there was no reason Lomax had to get a knife from his car and poke Howard.

"He went for maximum damage, and it worked," said Gedansky. He said Howard was a rising star in the field, and was a rising star off the field. His loss is enormous. "

No football players were accused in the fighting.
Hood is charged with breach of peace and interfering with police. The trial against him and others convicted in connection with the fighting continues.

Lomax Troylyn Grimes mother was too upset to speak at sentencing Friday, but she wrote a letter that was read in court by her aunt Lomax.

"It was a friendly child and has become a respectful young man and father," Grimes wrote.

He said that in 2006, Bloomfield High School graduate who went to Manchester Community College before his education must offer to his daughter.
Grimes appeal the judge, have mercy on his son.

Lomax grandmother, Deborah Maddox, said his family knew what it was like losing a loved one. Said the father died when he was 12 Lomax Lomax. Lomax sobbed aloud during his remarks.

"It's a horrible situation that my little son was put in," said Maddox. "It's not a gangster. God knows his heart is touched and I know he feels bad for the family Jasper Howard. There are many families that have been destroyed."

Friday, March 25, 2011

Parcells Is No Longer With The Dolphins, To Help ESPN

Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said Thursday that "not associated with the team more in their official capacity."

Parcells turned control of football operations in Miami against the executive director Jeff Ireland shortly before last season.

Then wiped his office and stopped working in the complex of the Dolphins, but served as a consultant. Parcells was hired in Miami after the 2007 season.

Parcells is expected to record a 90-minute special about the inner workings of the project next month. ESPN said that "everything that is planned for the moment" for Parcells.

Parcells worked as a research analyst for ESPN in 2001-02 and 2007 between the work of the NFL.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friend Bonds: I Saw The Trainer Holding Syringe

San Francisco (AP)-Barry Bonds watched the witness box blank expression of a childhood friend and former business associate described as the biggest star in baseball entered the bedroom of his home to spring training with trainer Greg Anderson, it was a syringe needle.

A few minutes later, walked Bonds and Anderson.

Steve Hoskins has testified in federal court Wednesday that he has never seen Anderson injected Bonds. The question is whether the jury Hoskins, "a description of where the army has begun to challenge later in the day, is a path toward the bond issue is lying when he told the jury seven years ago, has never made a conscious steroids.

Speak slowly and stirring a bit in the witness chair, Hoskins gave the first witness at the trial's dramatic home run king, who faces four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction.

Hoskins said he saw the scenes of bonds and Anderson will be borne by the needle-bedroom, one or two times in spring training, after three consecutive years since 2000.

A partnership with the obligations in a memory business, Hoskins said the home run hitter was asked to inquire about the impact of the steroid Winstrol in 1999, around the time Bonds was having left shoulder surgery on April 20. Hoskins said he was with Dr. Arthur Ting, who is expected to testify later in the trial, and presented a piece of data back to the slugger. Hoskins said he planned to go to Bobby Bonds, father of the accused and a former major leaguer himself, expressing his suspicion.

"I was worried in 1999 after Dr. Ting to talk about it," he testified Hoskins. "In 2003 I was still worried because it was coming, it seemed to be getting out of hand."

This was the period when the bonds are substantially inflated and started to display the number of unprecedented power for the Giants in San Francisco. The seven-time NL MVP hit a season-record 73 channels in 2001 on his way to a career record of 762 during his final season in 2007-months before he was indicted for his testimony before a grand jury in 2003.

Hoskins, who also helped Bonds get his equipment to the order of magnitude, Bonds said body has changed over that period, prosecutors support the transformation was caused by steroids.

"His shoe size just bigger," said Hoskins. "His glove size has changed. ... His weight has changed. He got heavier and bigger."

Bonds, a clearer gray suits than previous days, and a striped tie, took copious notes during the testimony of Hoskins, who took federal agent Jeff Novitzky on the stand and was the second witness in a trial expected to last about a month.

Both prosecutors and the defense played for the jury parts of a secretly Hoskins recording of a conversation that took place in front of the locker Bonds in 2003. Hoskins said he had an Olympus digital recorder in a pocket and Anderson recorded "to see Bobby doing what is really happening."

"It was the only way to prove it," said Hoskins.

Hoskins has never played in the conversation for Bobby Bonds, who in 2003 was diagnosed with cancer and died in August.

Much of the recording was published by Crown in February 2009. At one point, Anderson is heard discussing what the government contends that gave Bonds steroids are. "But all is ... all I did at this time, it's all undetectable," he said.

Voices on the tape was muffled, and for the role played by the prosecution was given jury transcripts to help them. Hoskins has also admitted to secretly recorded conversations with Ting and a lawyer for Slugger, Laura Enos. Hoskins said, Ting recording had disappeared.

Hoskins said earlier that the bonds was angry, talking about near the ballpark for batting cage in 2002, because "Greg did not give Barry a shot."

"Barry has said that if Greg would not give him shots, he gave himself," he said in an interview with Assistant U.S. Attorney Hoskins Matthew Parrella.

Jurors took notes as Hoskins spoke. He directed his answers to the prosecutor, unlike Novitzky, who turned and addressed the panel.

Hoskins was a friend and go-fer to Bonds, besides being a business partner. He acknowledged giving thousands of dollars in cash to two women Bonds was dating.

Defense attorney Allen Ruby, within 2 1 / 2 first hours of a cons-examination, which continues Thursday, tried to build an argument Hoskins came into bonds after the player ended their joint operation , March 27, 2003. 

Although Hoskins said earlier conversation with Anderson took place in March, Ruby has played a part of the record where the Bonds slump early in the season was discussed, indicating a conversation took place in April, after Bonds said Hoskins their business relationship was over.

After giving different answers to his testimony before a grand jury several years ago, claimed the two errors Hoskins testimony before a grand jury and a government report on April 1, 2005, a meeting he held with prosecutors . The report of that meeting, according to Ruby, "said Hoskins said he saw Bonds injected.
The defense has attacked 'credibility in accusing him of trying to tighten the bonds, which Hoskins denied. 

Ruby is also the point that when Bonds went to the authorities allegedly Hoskins had forged his signature, the U.S. Attorney 's office in the Hoskins Seattle, where the case was never interviewed Hoskins. Around the same time, Hoskins began an investigation in cooperation licenses U.S. Attorney 's office in San Francisco.

Hoskins said that before his fall with Bonds, was authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the player. Jointly deal with collectors society Hoskins' Kent has had to pay $ 400,000, that Goldin Sports Marketing, Ken Goldin, and Hoskins, Bonds may be held instead of Bentley cars.

"Her accountants would not let him buy the car value," said Hoskins.

Despite evidence against its obligations to the government, Hoskins said he admired the player.

"I would never want to get in trouble for Mr. Bonds in any way shape or form," he said and called him "a very good friend" and "a very good person."

"I had one to try to prevent him from taking steroids, because I thought it was bad for him," said Hoskins.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kick Off Is Moved To 35, Stay 20 Touchbacks

NEW ORLEANS (AP)-The NFL kickoff will move up to 5 meters of 35-yard line, touchback to keep the 20 and the number of players in a wedge lock to remain at two.

Players now kick coverage is limited to row 5 yards or less from the starting point of the match.

team owners also voted Tuesday to do all the work test score by the official play and the referee. However, they have submitted a proposal to ban players rush a tackle, and the review in May
Competition Committee of the League suggested the ball may be after 25 touchbacks is a kick off, and by prohibiting the wedge completely. Concerned about the number of cars to make too many changes in kickoff touchbacks also say that more than 5 meters in the field affect the position too. Coaches worried about the increase from 16 percent kickoff touchbacks last season.

"Always a touchback, and now is not getting a 20" Saints coach Sean Payton said: "I think it was perhaps the most dramatic in four or five sites was a rule."

kickoff low risk has been targeted, and Payton believes that met the owners, voting 26-6 for the new rule.

"The main thing is ... the greatest risk of injury to play," he said.

Browns returner Joshua Cribbs Highlights (Notes), was not enthusiastic about the changes, Twitter: "Basically, take the game back on ... the wound is still carried out, why not move back, or eliminate all a whole. "

The touch-backs, "said the chairman of the Competition Committee Rich McKay coaches were concerned about an increase of 35 high kick return teams designed to trap deeply and seriously reduce the number of returns. He also said that two corner pieces has not been a driving force behind the rise in injuries on kickoffs. In fact, most injuries occur in the blanket back on the squad.

As for the six voting no, "said McKay," The opposition was, 'Hey, you affect my team. "Obviously, some teams have good kick return and they said," What if there are 10 per cent lower back? "

"We have no response," said McKay, "but the safety of the players will always prevail over any other consideration."

But the amendment for two players safety was tabled until the league meetings in May A proposal to ban players to launch applications for decision were deferred, as he was to broaden the definition of a defenseless receiver.

McKay said that unites these two additions to the previous rule caused the tank. Each proposal will be made separate amendments before being presented again.

"We did not feel he had enough support to get it," said Giants owner John Mara, a member of the Competition Committee. "A number of people who seemed, in my view, more concerned with the flags to be thrown questionable success. My feeling is that I'm more concerned about concussions useless, so I'm ready to do this work. But I think we only to go back and clarify some of the language, maybe make a little clearer for everyone. "

McKay commended the players to avoid being run during the second half of last season after the league threatened suspensions for flagrant and illegal moves. No suspensions were handed out, but Ray Anderson, head of discipline from the NFL, said they would be involved from the start of next season.

Change playback approved 30-2, with one change: the challenge of the third car of the committee suggested eliminating competition will be retained.

The replay official can call the court hours of the game score. Previously, the replay officials could only provide estimates (the game) and the last two minutes of every time and overtime.
Coaches pressure for change largely because they felt they did not get fair treatment on road games.

"It's a real big competitive disadvantage," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "You do not look the way you get it home. You can not show"

A proposal was approved unanimously, the Commissioner has the power to approve or reject requests to change the color of the playing green. Falcons owner Arthur Blank said the concern was that the sponsors may approach a lot of teams, and suggests that changing the color of the field.

As McKay said with a smile: "I do not want any red areas, like Eastern Washington."

AP Pro Football Writer Howard Fendrich in New Orleans and Sports Writer Tom Cross in Cleveland contributed to this story.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eight Women, Four Men From The Elite Panel Bonds

San Francisco (AP)-Barry Bonds last Sat the entire class on Monday to 12 people that will consider the greatest home run hitter of all time, lied about the drug.

After a selection process using a day, eight women and four men chosen to hear the case against the federal government 46 years old San Francisco Giants star, who is charged with four counts of lying to a grand jury and one count of obstruction of witnesses in 2003 that drugs never knowingly used performance enhancing.

Among the jurors were not without opinion on the steroid era of baseball or drugs in sport, but everything suggests that they could rule impartially in the case of bonds, which holds the record of home runs in a career (762) and a season (73).

Juror No. 69 was angry Congress investigating steroids in sports "on my dime."

"They should solve problems like debt," he said.

He did it on the panel, although he said Bonds was "probably not (had) a fair trial to the court of public opinion."

The jurors were identified by number rather than name, and U.S. District Judge Susan Illston said that their identity not be revealed until the day after the decision.

"We have a fair and impartial jury selected after an open process," said Bonds' lead attorney, Allen Ruby, said in court.

The initial group of prospective jurors who filled out questionnaires to 19 pages last week, Illston rejected 38 is based on responses that included whether they had participated in the Giants game during the last five years and if they were aware of Mitchell report drugs in baseball or congressional hearings on steroid use. Several were rejected because they said they had formed opinions about the case.

Another was abandoned because of the death of a grandmother last weekend, and two others, and it said that a jury would be a limitation. Illston has refused three requests from other difficulties.

Thirty-six underwent 70 minutes of questions Illston in the morning and another hour of prosecutors and defense attorneys in the afternoon. After a pause, Secretary Illston read the 12 numbers and two alternates selected under the four originally planned. Two jurors, both women are black and 10 whites in a case that could see the race to become a problem.

Juror No. 24, a veteran of the Air Force who was not elected, has spoken at the examination. "I think so, it was stressed because of his race," said the man.

Jury N ° 56, one of the selected black women, said that baseball and the NFL office of the High Commissioner should deal with "steroids. "I think they are and not the government to participate," he said.

Bonds, who in his playing relaxed, leaning back in his black leather chair in the corner of the Giants flag, wearing a dark suit, white shirt and tie and money sitting in a swivel chair brunette d approximately 20 feet of the judge the floor 19 of the Phillip Burton Federal Building. Bonds spent most of the day talking quietly with his lawyers and looking at the jurors, as it responds to questions.

A short distance to the prosecution table on his return to the Bonds, Jeff Novitzky, the federal agent who pursued athletes for alleged drug in eight years with a stubborn intensity. Bonds is the biggest star to stand trial because of his efforts.

Bonds' legal team, which extended to a bedside table and the first row of spectator seats, more numerous than the government of 13-5. When his lawyers Elementary, Ruby and Cristina Arguedas C., gave their name to the file, Illston said, "Is this it?"

Arguedas said that the key to the collection of the jurors had been collected, which are only presented evidence of the courts and keep the facts discussed publicly until now.

"These people become real experts," she told reporters.

Bonds earned $ 192,800,000 for the Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants in 23 professional seasons, including 22 in the majors, according to an analysis of its contracts by The Associated Press, it is not surprising that he can not afford the best defense money can buy.

About a dozen photographers outside the ground, but few fans came to see Bonds' walk from the courthouse.

Several jurors said they could keep an open mind, even if they had heard much about the case because they believed the media about the obligations or inaccuracies or omissions.

However, some of the spotlight in this case, was too much to deal with.

"I would be reluctant to make a verdict on a great athlete as bonds," No. 24, a juror, one man 61-years living on disability benefits, Illston said. "This would be the color of my discernment." He was not elected.

No. 74 Jurado said his experience working as a flight attendant years ago, it would be difficult for her to be fair.

"I'm still on my charters baseball," she said.

Therefore, the procedure could be heard in two other rooms of the palace of justice, secretary of Illston, Tracy FORAKIS, walking with a handheld microphone to speak to jurors.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew A. Parrella asked if the jurors were Giants fans, and nine raised their hands. When asked Parrella of the Giants were the study, no one responded. Three of the jurors raised their hands when asked if Bonds had the inspiration or someone to watch.

"It was a good player and all the fans hitting the ability to" juror No. 94 said, adding that because the defendant are treated differently. The woman was not selected.

Illston said the trial should take about four weeks.

When juror No. 94 said she had a trip planned for early April 25th Illston checked his calendar, looked up and said in a surprised voice: "Well, you know, me too"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Tressel Wants To Sit In 5 Games, Too

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)-Now that the NCAA has completed its decision that the five football players at Ohio State who took undue advantage is suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season, "coach Jim Tressel wants Buckeyes same sentence.

On Thursday night, the NCAA denied the appeal on behalf of Ohio State players, including star quarterback Terre Pryor, reiterating that they have to sit in the first five games this fall selling autographed memorabilia and get a small tattoo.

Tressel was given a two-game suspension in a separate study by Ohio State after it was discovered that he had not notified the NCAA's Ohio State governors or compliance department of the school he was ready for more than nine months, including all of its 12-1 team of the season in 2010-the players unfair advantages.
"Throughout all this, my players and I are committed to meet our mistakes and more of them and we can do together successfully," he said in a statement. "I talked to the athletic director (Gene) Smith, and our student athletes, saying that my mistakes need to share the same part of the sanctions."

Ohio State had learned from his players know Tressel "NCAA violations as they prepare a seven-page appeal to the NCAA by suspensions of players. On March 8 Tressel said the university would serve the first two matches the 2011 season.

But before the NCAA could rule on his sentence, he added three games for his punishment.
"Coach Tressel has called for the first five games of the 2011 season. I accepted your request and we will take steps to inform the NCAA," Smith said in a statement. He declined further comment.

The NCAA announced the decision Thursday night for half the basketball tournament of the first men of today. The new football can not overshadow the basketball team opens the NCAA tournament. The Buckeyes are the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament and play Texas-San Antonio in the second round to Cleveland on Friday.
Pryor, with starting offensive lineman Mike Adams, the leading rusher Daniel Herrera, the first team receiver Forward Posey and backup defensive lineman Solomon Thomas, admitted selling rings, trophies and clothing in 2009. Besides being in the first five games against Akron, Toledo, University of Miami, Colorado and Michigan, which must also return to the charity of equivalent benefits they received from $ 1,000 to $ 2,500.

"As in my players, I am very sorry that I made mistakes," Tressel said in a statement. "I ask that my university sanctions now in five games, so players and I can deal with this adversity."
Ohio State has shown the proposed penalties of six players (the second was estimated to be only the suspension of a game) in December. But the NCAA may be all to play for Buckeyes in '31-26 win Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.

Tressel had repeatedly told investigators that he knew nothing of the players 'rights'. His contract stipulates that they must disclose any violations or to shoot. Yet, he signed the form on NCAA data, last September that he was not aware of any violations, even though he had exchanged e-mail in April and June, the Columbus attorney who said of his players with a tattoo owners lounge Columbus and the interests of the players had received.
Tressel said he did not tell anyone because he felt bound by confidentiality, since the tattoo parlor owner has been under investigation for drug trafficking in the federal government. 11.-year coach of the Buckeyes said he was concerned about security and his players said he had never even thought about the players accepting the undue advantage may affect their eligibility.

In addition to the initial suspension of two games, including Ohio State said Tressel has to pay a fine of $ 250,000 of his annual salary estimated at $ 3.5 million, must attend a compliance seminar will receive a Public reprimand and must apologize for his actions. In several interviews last week in front of fan support, over his appearance was greeted with a standing ovation, Tressel said he regrets his actions and apologized for embarrassing the university.

There is no timetable for further action from the NCAA on Tressel. Even with the appeal is rejected, the penalty for players now closed.

The NCAA could leave the 2010-season because Tressel knowingly used the eligible players.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Goodell E-mail All Active NFL Players

NEW YORK (AP)-Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote to the NFL on Thursday, outlining the latest proposal and the Union League warned that "every day brings our game and our economy is still common in danger."

Goodell ended the letter, a copy was obtained by The Associated Press, telling the players: "I hope you will encourage your union to return to the negotiating table and conclude a new collective agreement."

Talks between team owners and NFL Players Association broke down last Friday, the day 16 of the federal mediation in Washington. The union dissolved in the afternoon, to allow players to file an antitrust class action lawsuits in federal court. A few hours later, the owners locked players, creating a work stoppage in the NFL since 1987.

"I told the guys to take a letter and set it on fire. We are not so stupid," said Seattle Seahawks guard Chester Pitts ,whose reaction was mediated by an assistant director to George Atallah NFLPA.

Titans linebacker Will Witherspoon called "very unpleasant" for Goodell to send such a letter.

"If we were in the yard, I would look for a lawyer trying to keep control," Witherspoon texted AP Thursday night. "I duly protested against the fact that it has highlighted its highlights, but do not give them reason to stand on!"

Goodell wrote that the NFLPA "is out of office ... and the federal mediator brought a lawsuit." He also said the owner's will to resume negotiations at any time. "

"We must unite, and soon," Goodell wrote.
He says he wants players to "understand the offer we made," a proposal made during the last day of negotiations.

"We believe that the offer presented a solid and equitable for the continuation of negotiations for the new league year and free will to begin with and increase our participation in the years to come," said Goodell.

His letter goes on point by point through the 10 categories included Goodell said the NFL's latest proposal. Among them:

- Salary and benefits would be $ 141,000,000 club Fri in 2011, an increase of 161 million U.S. dollars by 2014;

- The free agency after four seasons;

- Minor Works offseason and less padded practice in the preseason and regular season;
- Maintain 16-game regular season, at least the next two seasons, and that no change of 18 games without the consent of the Alliance;

- Provide up to $ 1 million for the second year of the contract if it is injured and can not return to play;

- A new recruit compensation system;

- A neutral arbitrator appointed jointly for all drugs, and calls for steroids.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Documents: 4 Auburn Ex-players For The Roles Of Robbery

Auburn, Ala. (AP)-Court documents show that four former Auburn football players have admitted participating in a robbery.

Pledge to do good from Friday that safety Michael McNeil and kitchen freshman Shaun Goodwin Dakota Mosley Antonio and has made statements about the rights of flight guidance. The four were released by the team and are charged with first-degree robbery and theft.

Possibility of witnesses and victims say the four were living in small arms and demanding items, such as mobile phones and laptop safe. Auburn police pulled over a vehicle on the four and said they found stolen property inside, and a pistol and air pistol.

McNeil and Mosley are both on bonds while kitchens and Goodwin are still imprisoned.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bulls Win 7: E Equal, Is Alone Atop The East Race

CHICAGO (AP) Derrick Rose scored 23 points Chicago scored a seventh, a 98-79 victory over the Washington Wizards on Tuesday night as the Bulls moved into sole possession of first place in the Conference East.

Luol Deng added 20 points and Keith Bogans scored 17 points, his highest total since joining the Bulls. Bogans had all 10 shots from behind the 3-point arc, reaching a season-high five.

Bulls (48-18) moved a half turn to the Boston Celtics. Chicago has not retained the top spot in the middle is this the end of the season since 1997-98, the season, the Bulls won their sixth NBA championship.
Washington center Javal McGee had a rare triple-double with 11 points, 12 rebounds and 12 blocks, over an NBA player Keon Clark from Toronto had 12, 23 March 2001.

Rookie Jordan Crawford scored 27 points for the Wizards, who have lost five straight and 12 of13.

McGee fell nearly franchise record for blocks in a game. Manute Bol swatted 15 shots for the last-Bullets 26 Februar 1987. It was the most blocks by a player had a game against Chicago in regulation.

Bulls broke a 31-19 lead in the first quarter, with little resistance Wizards, who fell to 10-30 on the road. Chicago outrebounded Washington 17-5 in the first period despite the absence of center Joakim Noah and power forward Carlos Boozer.
Crawford warmed in the second quarter against the Bulls reserves, scoring 15 points in the period 5-for-6 shooting and hit a jumper from the right wing that has Washington 47-46 with 1.1 seconds left in the half .

Kurt Thomas sank a 3-pointer at the buzzer that put the Bulls up 50-46 at halftime. It was Thomas' first three points since April 10, 2005.

Bulls snatched a 25-14 third period, highlighted by Deng 10 points. Bogans' 3-pointers with 2:56 left to put Chicago up 71-55, its biggest advantage at this point.

Bulls have won 10 of their last 11 games and improved to 30-4 at home. Only San Antonio (31-3) did better on their native soil.
Chicago won its third straight game without Kokko, who sprained his left ankle in the victory in Charlotte on March 9. Kokko, who did not dress up game, was seen limping into the locker room before the Bulls game. Timetable for the return trip has not yet been confirmed.

Noah missed the game because of flu-like symptoms. Noah was sent home from the shoot-around team Tuesday morning after declaring he was not feeling well. The disease is not considered serious.

The Wizards troubled coated only nine players, including six recruits. It could be worse than John Wall availability is doubtful before heating. Wall had some pain in the foot that has been trampled upon loss of Washington in Oklahoma City on Monday. Rashard Lewis(knee), Cartier Martin (knee), Josh Howard(knee) Andray Blatch (shoulder) and Nick Young (Flu) were all unavailable.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Penguins C Crosby Returns To Practice

Pittsburgh (AP)-Penguins center Sidney Crosby back on the ice Monday for the first time since missing 29 games with a concussion. But if you're looking for the return date of Pittsburgh captain, he is still guessing whatsoever.

"I have no idea," said Cruz. "I do not think too much at that time. I just want to improve. It is part of how. I kind of take that step and see how it goes."

Crosby, who played last Jan. 5 in a 8-1 victory against Tampa Bay, practiced at full speed for about 15 minutes at a Consol Energy Center. He was an easy drive. He participated in a live skating around cones, and took some pictures on the net, so good.
"I had good days here the last couple and I was able to get on a bike and a little exercise. I had no symptoms to do, "Crosby said. "I had the opportunity to skate, the doctors said I could give it a try and see how I feel. So I did it today and we look forward to how it goes."

Penguins without Crosby and Evgeni Malkin injured forwards (knee) has been afloat in the race in the Eastern Conference playoffs. They have 88 points and is three behind first place Philadelphia in the Atlantic Division. Pittsburgh plays at Ottawa on Tuesday.
Crosby all the time to wait.

"Yes, it's frustrating, but at the same time, when you go through all these things, I think the most important is that you feel normal and are able to do things and work out of doing all things every day you generally able to do as a hockey player, "said Cruz." I realize that this is a process, but is a step in the right direction. This is not to say that today I will not have symptoms, and I have to kind of step back. This could also happen, so I think I'm pretty realistic about it. "

Crosby back on ice comes weeks after surprising radio report in Toronto, with host Bob McCown launched the idea that some family members tried to convince him to retire. The concept was quickly denied.
"This report is false," Pat Brisson, Crosby, an agent told Rogers Sportsnet. "It was never ever discussed in retirement."

Crosby's father, Troy, has also responded to demands.

"We're just trying to make it healthy again," he told ESPN. "How ever long that takes is how long it will take."

Crosby even asked after practice on Monday, if he ever considered retirement through this process. His answer was quick "no."

Crosby's injury problems began on January 1 Winter Classic against the NHL's Washington Capitals is Heinz Field. He hit the former capital of David Steckel later in a 3-1 victory in Washington. Crosby scored the Penguins next game 'against the Lightning, when he struck Victor Hedman. Later, he admitted to post-concussion symptoms.
"Yes, it's definitely scary," said Crosby. "But think about it or stay is not really going to change anything. It is necessary to ensure, as I said, listen for yourself and see what happens. To give doctors and things like that most of the information may be how you feel. And to trust them, what you say is going to happen, and it has become. So all is well in this way and it is a matter of time, and I expect everything better. This is what you have dealing with injuries and when his head even more. But it was a kind of learning in this way. "

As Crosby and Malkin injuries, the Penguins increased their offense around the negotiation deadline. They bought the James Neal from Dallas Stars and Alex Kovalev from the Ottawa Senators. The Penguins have won two of the last three, and four points in five games this month.
"I was here every day, and I've been around the guys. 'Was very surprising to see a lot of character we have," said Crosby. "I think all the adversity that we had, the guys have really done an amazing job just focus on what they did there.

"They are flexible, and this is something that says a lot about our team."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Beckett Struggles In Fifth As The Red Sox Lose

"It 's a shame that the whole trip to be ruined one day a couple, but it's the sort of thing," said Beckett. "I feel very in the midst of pitched three innings."

Beckett worked four innings and allowed five runs on four hits, walked two and struck out five. He threw 76 pitches. He faced four batters without getting in the fifth. Four of the Pirates' six points of the round were charged to him.

"This is not how it is supposed to end, because I felt fine," Beckett said.

It was Beckett's third trip to spring training. On February 28 he had mild concussion symptoms after being beaten in the head by a ball during batting practice.

"I think I caught the full backup of a concussion," said Beckett. "I'm not tired."

Ronny Cedeno  started the bottom of Homer only fifth on the left. Dusty Brown  walked, Andy Marte  blooped a double and Jose Tabata  was hit by a pitch.

Neil Walker coated with a first key of relief Scott Atchison  should be properly tied together. Pedro Alvarez  doubled to put the Pirates up, 5-3. Lyle Overbay, add two to one lead.

Beckett's first success was John Bowker two stars, solo homer in the second inning. Bowker is the second this spring circuit.

Bowker, who is out of minor league options, trying to make Pirates outfielder file as reserve. After being slowed by tendinitis in his wrist early in camp, he has hit safely in six of its last seven games.

"I try to get my timing down," Bowker said. "I try not to overdo it, just press the readers online."

Pirates starter Brad Lincoln  allowed two runs and two hits in three innings. The right-hander walked two and strike three.

"I had a good rhythm at the time," said Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. "There were some times when you are rushed and had no side arms, the arms a little. He works in the right direction, no doubt."

Mike Cameron (known) two-run double in the third inning gave the Red Sox 2-1. Lars Anderson  homered and scored two distinct works. Drew Sutton  walked, and once made a distinction.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Issues, The Voltage Limit Increase Workforce NFL Approaches

WASHINGTON (AP)-rhetoric increased, while the clock ticked down in labor negotiations of the NFL on Thursday with the league and EU trade players back and forth barbs the day before twice extended collective agreement expires.

With both sides far apart on key economic issues, nine of the 10 members of the owner of the work of the committee NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in the office of the federal mediator overseeing the negotiations, but the union complained, none of the owners met with no players on hand.

Although there was a small group discussion between union representatives and the NFL, 15 of the mediation, no one has given any indication that you are making progress. In fact the strongest words came in the evening has begun comments in the league, general counsel and lead negotiator, Jeff Pash.
"Things can come together quickly. Things can fall apart quickly," Pash said the NFL negotiating team left for the day. "I have said many times: if both sides have an equal commitment to get this deal in fact, that will take place. I do not know if both parties are committed. ... Obviously, we are committed. "

When this was conveyed to the NFL players association spokesman George Atallah, said in an e-mail to The Associated Press, said: "Jeff Pash was part of a management team that sold the ticket nets $ 4 billion in a party that knew tn 'to play. The only thing promised to a lockout. "

It is a reference to a court decision last week when a federal judge control issues faced by labor NFL players in their case, accusing the owners find it difficult to negotiate television to prepare a work stoppage.
The NFLPA's executive director DeMaurice Smith, then return to the office of the Ombudsman to respond to the statement itself is Pash.

"We have been engaged in this process. But, for all to stand and turn to the American people and say that the issues?" Said Smith. "Listen, I understand that there are probably things that Jeff Pash must say, but true: We know that from March 2009 ... National Football League began with a strategy to get $ 4000000000 Silver TV ... even if the games were not played. "

Participate, Greg Aiello, NFL spokesman Twitter: "When the Union will meet the 150 pages of provisions of the ABC project a week ago. Wait."

ABC originally scheduled to expire last week. The parties agree to push that deadline on Friday, when the agreement is not reached, could be another extension.
What is certainly sounded more likely, since the tone of Thursday was that the negotiations can be turned off for a lockout by the owners or withdrawal of certification at European level, followed by anti-trust cases players' actions that could threaten the ongoing 2011.

NFL has not lost games to stop working since 1987, when a strike shortened the season and some games are nonunion replacement players. Based on the current CBA was reached in 1993, then-commissioner Paul Tagliabue and union leader Gene Upshaw. E 'was extended to five times the annual sales rose more than 9 billion U.S. dollars, the league expanded to 32 teams and new stadiums were built.

2006 contract extension was the last important act Tagliabue, who retired, was followed by Goodell. opt-out clause on both sides are included in this agreement, and the owners used in May 2008, three months before the death of Upshaw. Smith replaced with Upshaw in March 2009.
Two months later, Smith wrote a letter to Goodell asking financial statements for each 32 teams and the league as a whole. NFL offered to translate other economic data this week, and the NFLPA has rejected this proposal, saying the investment bank advising the specified data should be "totally irrelevant" during the negotiations.

The NFL, meanwhile, said the union offered unprecedented financial data, some do not agree with the clubs in the league.

Pash said there had been no movement in the Thursday edition.

The dispute centers on money: how to split the billions of dollars in revenue, how should the owners go from top to cover certain costs, and demand of the Union for what he calls "financial transparency."
Under the old CBA, the owners have received an immediate $ 1 billion to go toward operating expenses before splitting the revenue with other players. First owners tried to add $ 1 billion for that, while it decreased the number to forward, at least up to an additional $ 800 million, Smith said it is too.

The work of committee members present on Thursday was the Jerry Richardson and the Panthers, Pat Bowlen is the Broncos, Jerry Jones, Cowboys, Giants, John Mara, Art Rooney II, Steelers, Chiefs hunting Clark, Mark Murphy, Packers , charger, and Dean Spanos and Mike Brown (notes) and the Bengals. Eagles president Joe Banner and Redskins Executive Director Bruce Allen was there.

While Mara, Hunt and Murphy occasionally participated in the negotiations, since mediation began Feb. 18, a group of this size comes from attending a previous session last week.
The only missing member of the League key group was Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who is part of a delegation to Israel with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Asked Thursday if he expects next season to start on time, Kraft said: "It is my belief."

There were several topics discussed during the negotiations, including pushing the owners to increase 16-game regular season to 18, a wage scale and benefits for retired players rookies.

But the gap is primarily on income.

And bitterness, temporarily dammed the federal mediator George Cohen, the requirement when it began tracking the talks on February 18 was there for all to see on Thursday night.

"We will be here tomorrow," said Smith, "because we want to follow the football."

AP Sports Writer Joseph White in Washington, AP Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner in New York and Josef Federman Associated Press in Jerusalem contributed to this report.

Love Overcomes Moses 52nd Double-double With

MINNEAPOLIS (AP)-Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (notes) recorded his 52nd double-double in a row, beating Moses Malone for the longest streak since the ABA and NBA merged in 1976.

Love does not waste much time in extending the streak. He grabbed 10 rebounds in the first 16 minutes and scored his tenth point in the free-throw line with 6:51 to play in the first half.

The crowd gave a standing ovation and waved his achievement has been on the big screen above the court.

Love has played a major reinforcement on his bruised left knee and was not sure he would play until shortly before the match. He was injured Monday against Dallas where he scored 51 in Malone tied a line with 23 points and 17 rebounds.

The last time Love has no double-double was Nov. 19 against the Lakers in Los Angeles when he was without direction, with seven rebounds.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

South Florida Villanova In Big East Paralyzes Tournament

The Wildcats looked more like the team that had lost four straight games in the second half.

Anthony scored Crater riding position, with 5.1 seconds remaining and a last-gasp shot at the buzzer Maalik Wayns clanked off the rim, when the stun South Florida 10-seeded Wildcats 70-69 in the Big East tournament.

Villanova squandered lead to 16 points, making only four field goals in the second half.

"I do not think any of us ever finished a season like this," Villanova coach Jay Wright later complained, "if we have to get their heads straight."

Wayns finished 24 points for the Wildcats (21-11), which slipped from No. 6 of the nation earlier this season in the first round of the Big East tournament. Now, if they are still selected, slip into the NCAA tournament having lost five straight.

Its collapse was complete when he threw a pass from Wayne to end with 22.8 seconds remaining in the crater in a superposition of green light.

Wildcats sophomore guard "looked as if he could redeem himself when he hung up his own record in the basket and two free throws, but 11.6 seconds on the clock proved to be too.
South Florida stuns Villanova in Big East Tournament

Kraatteri eighty ulkomailta ohi ja meni pituus lattian, liukastuminen on hämmentynyt Villanova asetelmaan puolustuksen helposti, yes suurin Voitto aika Etelä-Florida.

"The last game was designed for me to get off the ball screen," said the crater, but I saw that the track was OK, so I took it. "

Shaun Noriega kuusi 3-teki teki ja ja viitteet pistettä 22 15 johtaa siemenineen Bulls (10-22), jotka Niida olivate menettäneet kahdeksan Yli yhdeksän turnaukseen tulossa. Augustus Gilchrist lysate pistettä 16 Jawanza Puolassa ja oli 11.

This tournament is the second big win for the Bulls this since joining the league for the 2005-06 season. They will play No. 7 seed Cincinnati on Wednesday night.
"It was a great game, great coach Stan Heath said." I'm very proud of the strong performance of our team in the second half. In the first half, it seems that we all. In the second half, we defended and obtained by stray bullets. "

Almost the only bright spot for Villanova was the return of sniper Corey Stokes, who is questionable with a left thigh injury he suffered in practice on March 3.

Stokes did not start the game, but controlled almost immediately, hitting a couple 3s and a fast, which seems to move as well. He had 16 points as the Wildcats closed the first half 28-7 run to build a seemingly insurmountable 49-33 lead, but he did not score at all in the second half.

The Wildcats certainly have been beaten bunch this season, top scorer with Corey Fisher scored 15 points against South Florida facing a severe tendinitis in his right knee, suffered spasms and Wayne just a few weeks ago.

'Nova can not add more Mouphtaou yarou list.

The big man came up to block a shot at the end of the first half and closed hard to the floor under the basket in South Florida. He did not move for several minutes, Wright and coach to check on him, then helped to the locker room. He reappeared a few minutes on the bench in the second half of the stitches on his cheek and ice wrapped around his ribs.

"When it rains, it pours. I think what is happening. We've just got to fight through," said Wright. "We need to keep your head up."

The Wildcats have the last 8 minutes of play without a field goal, finishing 4 of 18 on the ground in the second half, and still keep close to the mouth of South Florida rally, making 22 of 24 free throws.

The two girls have been costly, however.

Wayne, a shooter for 81 percent error at the end sounded a 1-and-1 with 48 seconds left in the game. Then came Stokes, a shooter 89 percent error, which also lost by 9 seconds later, giving South Florida a lot of hope.

"The way our season went, to get this win is so beautiful because it was a long season," said Noriega. "To get this win and upset Villanova, we feel really good about it. "

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tressel Knew Gear Arrangement In April Last Year

Tressel received information that players sold products to Edward Rife - the owner of Fine Line Tattoos Ink in Columbus - in April 2010, according to a source. However the investigation is Ohio State or NCAA transactions or relationships with players Rife until December 2010 when the school claims he was informed of the situation at the local office of U.S. Attorney.

Ohio State compliance director Doug Archie fell immediately comment when reached Monday Yahoo! Sport. Tressel and athletic director Gene Smith was unavailable for comment. NCAA declined comment.

Rife federal probe has revealed that he had several pieces of memories football Buckeyes, who formerly belonged to five players: quarterback Terre Pryor, running back Dan Herron, wideout diverts Posey, a defensive end and offensive Solomon Thomas linjapihdit Mike Adams. Federal officials contacted the school on December 7 if the goods are stolen or sold to the players instead of money, said Rife.

According to one source, an interested party in April approached Tressel, the coach warned that memories transactions took place between Rife and a handful of Buckeyes players, including Pryor. The sale of articles of violating NCAA rules of eligibility. The source said that Tressel has been concerned about the information, and the coach said he would investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

It is the coach started the accusation of investigation is unclear, but all five players remained on the ground in the coming months to carry out regular season in 2010.

After Ohio State has alerted the NCAA of the sale of memorabilia at the beginning of December, the staff of the NCAA student-athlete reinstatement ruled players were barred from the first five regular season games in 2011. Players also had to repay improper benefits achieved - for $ 2,500 Pryor, $ 1,505 for Thomas, Posey for $ 1250, $ 1150 for Herron and $ 1,000 for Adams. Linebacker Jordan Whiting also had to pay $ 150 to a charity to receive a tattoo there.

But in a controversial part of the decision - including pressure from Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany, according to Smith - The staff of the restoration of the NCAA decided in late December that the five players were entitled to Thursday 2011 Sugar Bowl against Arkansas .

At December 23 press conference, Smith said the school was informed of memorabilia for sale on December 7 Smith said the athletic department was told the next day and immediately initiated an investigation

If Tressel has not informed or Smith Ohio State Department about its relationship with the Rife players, he could inherit a series of NCAA violations in unethical conduct, are not monitored and the inability to foster a climate of respect. In general, the coach must act, or pass information on potential violations of reasonable rules for further investigation.

 Contract with Ohio State Tressel said he would "monitor and take appropriate measures to ensure ... Team members to know, recognize and respect all laws, rules of the University and the Board Rules of sport and immediately report to the Director (Athletics) and (athletics) Services Department in writing if a compliance person or entity, including, without limitation, representatives of athletics interests Ohio State has violated or may violate laws, rules of the University and controlled rules of the sport. "

Section 5.1 (m) of the contract also stipulates that failure to report without delay "all violations" could lead to the abolition of the state of Ohio for the cause. "

Ohio State itself can be cited with gamers playing ineligible and forced to leave his 2010 season when he won a part of the Big Ten championship and finished 12-1. Could also face additional penalties for serious crimes.

Smith was adamant at the press conference on December 23 we did not know the state of Ohio until the United States Attorney has contacted them in early December.

"The athletic department was informed on 8 December," said Smith.

At the press conference on Dec. 23, Smith made a point of driving through the chronology of the case and I thank the federal authorities to provide information to university, so it can work. He explained each step of the investigation 10 days and subsequent negotiations with the NCAA and Big Ten office, until being informed of the suspension by the NCAA in the afternoon on December 22.

Tressel nor correct, nor Smith has publicly expressed any prior knowledge of the case. He hinted that he had discovered objects in the sale of recently saying he needed time to recover from the disappointment. "I try my mood for the holidays so I will be happier, of 26 years," said Tressel.

Tressel expressed his disappointment with the players after the suspensions were announced, saying that while Ohio State should have done a better job of explaining the rules on the sale of memorabilia, the players knew they probably doing something wrong.

"I think everyone has a small sensor in us," Well, I'm not sure if I should do it, "Tressel said." And then sometimes it is replaced by what you believe that you need. ... "

"There is an exciting feeling when you lose a game and you know you could have done better, he said later." And then there's the one that goes beyond when you do not feel as if you don ' had what you do as human beings. So whatever the next step in the unnerving is that it is what you feel. And we feel a responsibility to our children on and off the field. It is obviously painful. "

Tressel also proposed that responsibility for compliance ultimately falls on the coaching staff.

"I think ultimately, it seems coaches, the responsibility is ours - we're the ones who have to make things even more crystal clear that when the staff could spend time with a team or an external speaker or whatever it happens to be, "he said. "The important thing is that it seems as if it is our responsibility, so obviously we feel good that we left."

According to the study at Ohio State, five players have been sold multiple items Rife, who appears in some of memories of her Facebook page. Among the pieces sold by Pryor in the 2009 Fiesta Bowl, sportsmanship award, jersey Herron, a number of Big Ten championship rings and a series of pendants gold pants player is rewarded with victories against the University of Michigan. Pryor, Posey, Herron, Thomas and Whiting were also cited as receiving discounted tattoos in general.

The Columbus Dispatch reported on 2 January that Pryor had been "arrested for traffic violations on three occasions while driving vehicles owned by a car salesman or a batch of Columbus used cars if the seller has worked." He was allowed also to test a car for the weekend at his home in Pennsylvania.

Archie said the school knew two of the incidents and found nothing wrong. He said the school would investigate congestion third in a borrowed car. There was no update on the internal investigation.

Tressel, 58, was head coach for 25 years, the last 10 at Ohio State. His Buckeye teams have won at least part of the last six Big Ten titles and captured in 2002 BCS National Championship.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rose Scores 27 As Bulls Add To The Misery Of Heat, 87-86

MIAMI (AP)-The outlook could not be more different. Luol Deng, or been pushed into the back of Mike Miller in what was one of the last two games moments of decision, or trip over his own feet stumbling block for a rebound.

This point can be supported.

What is indisputable, however, is this: Even a chance at the last second slid off the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls refused last summer in their bid to land Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh, swept the three regular-season games of the team that signed them.

The Big 3? They are No. 3 in the East at this stage, after Derrick Rose scored 27 points, Deng hat an effort of 18 points with two free throws a game debate with 15.9 seconds left, and the Bulls beat Miami 87-86 on Sunday to hand the warmth of their fourth consecutive quarter of losses.

"The Miami Heat is just what everyone wanted, losing games," Wade said. "The world is better now, because the heat they are losing."

Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah scored 12 added 11 for the Bulls, who changed the game in front of Miami will be held the second straight Eastern Conference. Chicago was down 12 at half time and then became the fourth team from 24 February to remove a double-digit deficit against the heat.

"We have guys that can close," Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau said.
Rare are those who say that Miami-closing games but has been and remains the biggest challenge of the heat.

James had a chance to win will run for 6 seconds left, missing shots contested, and despair Wade launch from the baseline bounced off the right end of the period.

These are 24:13 consecutive shots, the Heat have been with the ability to tie or takes the lead in the last 10 seconds of regulation or overtime. James has lost four of a string of four defeats them.

"I told my team, I'm not going to fail at the end of the game," said James. "I put a lot of the blame on me tonight. I told the guy that just do not delay their games and I'm not going to do."

James scored 26 points, Bosh added 23 and Wade had 20 for the Heat, who attended a rally to take the lead in the last minute.

Heat fell 82-76 with 3:30 left when Rose made a jumper to Miller, before Mario Chalmers has led efforts back. He hit a 3-pointer to tie it with 1:05 left, then blew a final settlement before an easy layup from the left that put the Heat front 86-84 with 25 seconds play.

With two of Chicago, Deng made a free throw by the second. Noah has one hand on the ball, keeping James and Erick Dampier to successfully deliver, and hunting for carambola referee Tony Brothers called a foul on Miller Deng to reverse.
"Considered as he tripped on his own," said Bosh.

Deng returned to his line and made both this time, which is in front of Chicago.

"This is the right decision," said Rose.

The ball went to Santiago, which led to Noah and missed a tray to the left of the pulley. Wade got the rebound and attempted a 15-meter base that bounced, and the expiration time for the Bulls, he jumped into the conclusion and Thibodeau fist in the air.

"We're just trying to play the best we can," Noah said. "I think we still have a long way to go and can improve a lot. This is so exciting about this team. Our defense is actually better. We can still improve offensively as well. We can enjoy this far enough."

Spoelstra said some players moved to tears in the locker room heat. That much is clear: he and the heat is bad.

"One of these days we're having," Spoelstra said.

Down nine at halftime, the Bulls shot 39 percent in the third quarter, still manage to win 23-16 thanks to the Miami Heat five turnovers, a 14-9 advantage in rebounds and Rose, who made a ridiculous shot beginning of the air ridiculously simple.

Up to one-on-2 break against him, Wade and James, not least the way it has gone to Chicago. Rose collided with Wade to create a little 'separated from his run down the court, then jumped in, grabbed the double so James could fly harmlessly to passers-by to the left, then spun off the left-handed design for glass cutting Miami 54-50.

He jumped back upcourt head back with confidence, pumping up teammates. And Rose remained so until the end.

"We're taking it for what it is," said Rose. "We're just trying to win games, play hard and aggressive play on both sides."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

CTE Found In Brain Tissue Probert

Bob Probert knew the fierce blows he has received and distributed more than 16 seasons in the NHL enforcer was at his expense, as he grew older. That's why he wanted his brain to be analyzed once he is dead.

Although heart failure finally ended his life in July last year at age 45, Probert also lived with a brain damaged.

Researchers at Boston University said Thursday that Probert had degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The disease was detected by analysis of brain tissue donated by Probert.

It is the second player's hockey program at the Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy have been diagnosed with the disease after death. Reggie Fleming, executor of the 1960s who played before helmets were mandatory, also took ETC.

CSTE is a collaboration between Boston University Medical School and the Sports Legacy Institute is trying to solve what he calls the "crisis of concussion in sport. The group has been at the forefront of research on brain damage in sports, and has received a donation of $ 1 million from the NFL, which has lobbied for better treatment of bruises.

Family of former Bears safety Dave Duerson decided to donate brains for research after he committed suicide last month in 50 years.

As one of the most feared players in NHL penalty Probert had 3,300 minutes, fifth league career list. It 'was the toughest and most prolific fighter of his time. Probert, who has struggled to defeat the alcohol problems of his time, played in the NHL Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks in 1985-1994 and 1995-2002.

"We're just beginning to appreciate the consequences of brain injuries in the sport," said Chris Nowinski, Sports Legacy Institute, co-founder and CEO. "Early indications are that the historic decision to discourage contact to the head was a big mistake, and hope that the changes remain aggressive efforts to protect athletes, especially among young people."

The first results were reported by The New York Times and the Globe and Mail of Toronto on Wednesday night.

"Bob told me he wanted to donate his brain to Boston University after learning about research 60 Minutes," his widow, Dani, said in a statement released by the Institute. "His only motivation was to make the sport safer for our children. Bob was a great husband and father, and we miss him every day. "

Several of the biggest stars of the NHL, including Sidney Crosby of Pittsburgh (notes), he missed time this season due to the effects of a concussion. Crosby has not played since he absorbed a couple of hits in consecutive games in early January.

Commissioner Gary Bettman said during the All-Star break that concussions are in place this season, but quickly took note of the increase appears to be due to inadvertent or accidental situations, rather than the head contact another player.

Although the NHL has introduced a new rule makes blind side hits to the head illegal lateral, and general managers of the league will see later this month for an additional contact to the head should be prohibited, the fighting has long been an important part of pro gaming.

There was no sign that the NHL is concerned to modify or delete that part of the popular sport.

"The results are interesting and certainly something I will add a much wider body of knowledge" of the NHL, Bill Daly, deputy commissioner for the Associated Press in an e-mail. "But we will not answer or make changes based on the outcomes associated with a player, especially when it is impossible to identify or isolate one of the many variables that can be taken into account in the conclusions, and when there is no real control group "to compare their results. "

The detailed results of brain tissue Probert will not be published before they are submitted to a medical journal. His family has requested that the diagnosis is made public so that awareness could be raised about the dangers of head injuries in sports and encourage more efforts to make the sport safer for the brain, says SLI.

"Diagnosis of brain Probert CTE is not necessarily a hockey accusation because it was a head injury during the fighting outside of hockey and sports like heck of a great car," said Nowinski. "Reggie Fleming, the only NHL player with a diagnosis of CTE, was also the enforcer, so we need further studies before this research can truly say that the current debate and important."

Fleming died in 2009 at the age of 73 with dementia, while 30 years of deterioration in cognitive and behavioral difficulties.

Daniel Probert said her husband showed mental decline of about 40, had new challenges and increasingly short-term memory, attention and short-term nature. These are all symptoms match those shown by other athletes ETC.

During the last year of life Probert, Probert Daniel said her husband told her he thought there were three or four "significant concussion." But when it comes to "his bell," the institute said it was a concussion, by definition, Probert told his wife that their total is spent "more than a dozen."

"In my heart, I do not think that the fight against what Bob is," said Daniel Probert the New York Times. "It was hockey, all inspections and visits and things like that."

Nowinski said last month more than 300 athletes, including 100 current and former NFL players are CSTE registry donation of the brain. There are 65 cases under investigation. CSTE "brain bank" currently has 68 people.

Dr. Ann McKee, co-leader of the RTA, said that the bank is the largest brains in the world, analyzed the brains of 40 former athletes and found that 30 showed evidence of CTE. It includes 13 of the 14 former NFL players, college players and football school, hockey players, wrestlers and boxers pro.

CTE, originally called "dementia boxing," because it was thought that only affect the boxers, is a progressive disease of the brain thought to result of repeated trauma to the brain, including concussions, or blow subconcussive.

It is believed that other undetermined factors such as genetic predisposition makes some people at greater risk of developing the disease.

Keith Primeau, a former hockey All-Star who was forced to retire in 2006 because of injuries during his career of 15 NHL seasons, is among those who have decided to donate their brains.

Primeau and Probert was a teammate Red Wings in four seasons.

"Hockey is taking positive steps to protect players from concussions and brain injuries," he said. "I hope that the results of my friend, Bob Probert, will accelerate this process at all levels of the game."

NFL Union Chief As Of The Date On Thursday ACB

WASHINGTON (AP)-Locked staredown billion dollars, the NFL and the players union has led the last day of the expiring collective bargaining agreement with the single word, and significant progress in increasing the likelihood of moves that ultimately could threaten the 2011 season.

The sides were scheduled to resume Thursday morning federal mediation. The current labor contract runs out at midnight Eastern time on Thursday that will be Friday, and among the possibilities is that the union withdraw before the deadline, the deadline could be extended, or owners could decide to block players, something the association has planned all along.
That these cases, the most popular sport in the country liquidate losing regular-season games for a work stoppage for the first time since 1987. This probably seems inconceivable that football fans who buy tickets and drive ratings, helping the NFL become an industry with annual sales topping $ 9 billion.

Two people who feel the NFL Players Association plans told The Associated Press has been prepared to decertify the union Thursday, unless last-minute wins. This activity represents the Union does not represent the players that would waive the rights of labor, and instead risk the court under competition law. People spoke on condition of anonymity because the Union has not made plans for the public.
There was a series of activities Wednesday: The four-hour mediation session involving all 10 members of the owners of the working committee, the union president Kevin Mawa (notes) and the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (notes); meeting three hours of the owners of hotels 25 miles away Chantilly, Virginia, with another planned withdrawal Collection of owners on Thursday, and started a private mediator George Cohen from 20:00 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell two top-flight lawyers, the New York Giants owner John Mara and the Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy.

Mara is the first owner participates in the nine days of mediation on Tuesday and Murphy left just after 21:30 Goodell leads the NFL labor negotiator, Jeff Pash, and outside counsel Bob Batterman.

"Long Day," said Mara.
Asked the purpose of the meeting in the evening half an hour with Cohen, Pash said: "To speak with a broker and get some direction."

Almost 12 hours earlier when she and other members of Goodell's NFL team arrived Wednesday for talks at the hearing said Pash, the league and the Union could agree to postpone the date for reaching a new CBA.

"We have to see where we are. We have said it is an option. Do not do anything on the table," said Pash.
The owners took no action during the afternoon session in Chantilly, and most said they were heading out of town, including some, like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys and Robert Kraft of New England Patriots, which were mediated by Wednesday.

Owners are not required to take a vote lockout that authority has been given to their labor markets committee, which met separately for one hour.

"We can not comment, and more, we are definitely still involved in the dialogue, so no comment," said Jones.
Colts owner Jimmy Irsay of Indianapolis said the owners happy to be updated on the negotiations, but there was no reason for them to stay in Washington as the deadline approaches.

"We had a chance to ask questions, but we did not break with a vote of lockout or something," Irsay said.

Asked what should happen on the road to the expiration of the CBA, he added: "I never expected, except to have A, B, C, D and E, and still predict Change F. It a chessboard, moving. around and things happen at odd times. "

Labour members who participated in negotiations Wednesday were: Mara, Murphy, Power, Jones, Jerry Richardson, Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers Art Rooney, Mike Brown (notes) at Cincinnati Bengals, Clark Hunt, the Chiefs Kansas City, Dean Spano San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos and Pat Bowles.
Brees, a member of the NFLPA Executive Committee, Mawa and had participated in this round of mediated talks, which started Feb. 18. But now all members of the Executive Committee of the Alliance must be at least once.

"We're not talking about" Mawa said, when he left. 'It's better than talking. "

Because Cohen said the two parties to remain silent in public about ongoing negotiations, none revealed any specific information on what progress had been made.

The highest point of glue along has been how to divide the revenues of the league, including the reduction of the team owners should be given in advance to help cover some costs, such as construction of the stadium. Under the old agreement, the owners received $ 1 billion on top. Entered these negotiations to add $ 1 billion for that.
Other important issues: a rookie salary scale, pushing the owners to extend the 16-game regular season to 18, while the reduction of the preseason with two games, and benefits for retired players.

Cohen said last week that the sides were far apart on key issues.

At the end of Thursday, more will be known exactly how far.

"I do not want to put any certainty that tonight or tomorrow might bring can provide," Irsay said Wednesday. "It's really, really difficult to predict. Things change. "

AP Pro Football Writer Barry Wilner and Sports Writer Joseph White in Chantilly, Va., Larry Lage in Detroit and Rob Maaddi in Philadelphia contributed to this report.