Monday, August 31, 2009

NFL Betting – Season Win Totals

NFL future odds, notably we are looking at NFL Team Win Totals, at online sportsbooks hit the board sometime back in May. If you didn’t buy in then, don’t worry, there’s still time to get in your future bets. Smart bettors make sure to get the best numbers possible. It’s important to check the numbers when you’re betting on the NFL.

Betting futures at your online sportsbook through the long, hot days of summer is a good distraction from baseball betting. It takes America’s pastime to the next level. NFL preseason football started with the Hall of Fame game between Tennessee and Buffalo and since then football betting has climbed right back to the top of the gambling chain where it belongs.

Betting activity on Season Win Totals (SWT) hit a new high this year and offshore oddsmakers have had to stay on their toes, adjusting odds daily to keep the balance. Even football bettors that don’t normally make Over/Under bets were poking around and sportsbook managers say it just shows how popular gambling on the sport has become.

If you’re one of the people still on the fence about betting futures, here’s a guideline to which NFL teams have seen the most movement since May. We’ve split the teams into four categories: Up, down, bi-polar, and buy now!

Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan had one of the best rookie seasons ever, Michael Turner is a stud, the Falcons made a playoff appearance, and the team’s preseason has been wrinkle free. Take your pick; it all adds up to a pretty package. It has also more than doubled the SWT compared to 2008. Buying "Over" this number is true gambling.

Denver and Tampa Bay are racing to catch St. Louis and Oakland for lowest final total. (Detroit doesn’t count). Bettors have been pounding last year’s biggest losers down all summer. Doesn’t anyone remember the Dolphins?

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Buffalo Bills: There couldn’t be a more fitting team for this manic department other than the next in line willing to take a shot with Terrell Owens. The hype of signing TO set off a frantic pace of bandwagon bettors and sportsbooks knew they could raise the price. Then everyone seemed to remember what a distraction TO can be and the number came down. When TO showed up and the Bills were getting along nice it crept back up but then preseason started and two things happened. Tom Brady looked amazing and the Bills, well, they just looked like the Bills again.

Buy now!
Arizona did us all a favour by making the Super Bowl last year and Capt. Kurt has done us a service staying healthy through preseason. It stabilized things and bought "Under" bettors some time. If you hurry you can still get in at 8.5!

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