Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Junker, Fiesta Bowl, President And CEO Kicked Out Of An Internal Probe

Scottsdale, Arizona (AP)-Fiesta Bowl and asked to justify his inclusion in the BCS after organizers of the Arizona game fired CEO John Junker for the system of "apparent" resume political donations from employees and the "obvious conspiracy" to hide the fact.

The Fiesta Bowl has released a scathing internal report on Tuesday.

Damages awarded at least $ 46,539, is a serious violation of state campaign finance laws and the Charter that allows the Fiesta Bowl and his non-profit status. Arizona Attorney General's office will probe the matter.
BCS has responded quickly, saying it would conduct an investigation on its own "to examine whether the Fiesta Bowl should remain a BCS Bowl or other appropriate sanctions."

Fiesta Council voted unanimously to fire Junker "for its erratic and inappropriate documented" in the report.

"For the Fiesta Bowl and the family is angry and disappointed by what we have seen the report and the actions of Mr. Junker, Fiesta Bowl President Duane Woods said the conference venue in downtown Scottsdale. "Fiesta Bowl is more than a few people, and the lesson here really believe that we have set themselves too much trust in an individual."

Woods has no questions.

Junker, his ubiquitous bright yellow jacket, Fiesta Bowl, stood in front of the event for three decades, what is the event of an upstart Giants BCS. When the annual salary is about $ 600,000 had been paid administrative leader since February 4, after the government said, he did not comply with the two written guidelines on cooperation in investigations.

The council said the probe also revealed the "over-compensation, non-work and expenditure and inappropriate gifts appropriate."

Junker lawyer, Steve Dichter, said by e-mail that his client had no access to the report before its publication. He said the document had been discussed before held the Junker would comment on that.

The 276-page report from an investigation by the board Fiesta Bowl and a former Arizona State Supreme Court justice, was released at the site fiestabowl.org bowl.

The researchers said it was "obvious" system to repay at least $ 46.539 for political contributions by employees.

The probe also found "an apparent conspiracy to conceal the scheme for reimbursement of the cup of the Board and state officials," the press release accompanying the report.

CBS issued a statement from CEO Bill Hancock and Penn State University President Graham Spanier, president of the supervisory committee of the President.

"We are deeply disappointed and disturbed to learn of these results in relation to the Fiesta Bowl," the statement said. "The unprofessional behavior, unethical or inappropriate is unacceptable. There is no place for such activities in higher education or college sports. It is hoped that all parties to a contract with the BCS will be up to the highest standards. No want to be associated with organizations that believe otherwise. "

BCS leaders said the task force appointed to evaluate the results and recommendations in a bowl. They also asked the bowl to show why it should remain a BCS bowl game. Group will evaluate the response to the bowl, along with the complete list of reforms together in a bowl. "

And if the recipient is part of the BCS, the handling of this case will be closely monitored in the future.

Bowl officials said the first investigation, brief reports of payments was "defective." The probe found no evidence of such accusations.

Woods, head of waste management in the western region, has played an important role to save the PGA Phoenix Open. Now he has much bigger job of cleaning.

He said that the actions Junker, "unfortunately, was damaged by heavy that the Fiesta Bowl, has worked hard to maintain more than 40 years. Fiesta Bowl is more than a few people, is a product of thousands of volunteers working tirelessly and exemplary and care so deeply Fiesta Bowl, and everything you need to Arizona State. "

Woods described the timeline that began with a report in The Arizona Republic in December 2009 that five former or current employees Fiesta Bowl had been reimbursed for political contributions were encouraged to do so. A brief investigation by former Attorney General Grant Woods of Arizona, without regard to the President, led the commission to conclude that there was no credible evidence to justify the charges. Now the council says that the report was "flawed."

Duane Woods said that in September last year, an employee identified in the report, which Junker executive assistant Kelly Keough, came to his office and told that refunds had been made. This led to the lengthy probe that resulted in the report Tuesday.

Retired state Supreme Court Ruth McGregor, a three-member panel of inquiry, said the trio had full access to everything related to the probe without any resistance from the board.

"We believe our report is complete and accurate," he said. "Although the results are very disturbing, I am pleased that the Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors is moving forward with positive and concrete measures to solve their problems."

Repayments back at least to 2002, the report concludes. Donations to political parties, mainly the Republican candidates and causes, was not required, but strongly suggested by several employees told investigators.

According to the report, when the initial investigation was performed after the history of the Republic, a lobbying group that helped guide Gary Woods peel away from those who had been given refunds and care for others who were asked about what is to say. The brothers shell lobbying firm was paid $ 286,000 for the Fiesta Bowl in 2009, according to reports submitted by the IRS.

The board announced a series of measures to reform their operations and operate in a transparent manner to prevent recurrence of such problems. This includes hiring a chief financial officer and general counsel responsible for conformity.

The bowl has three years left on his contract four-year BCS contract. This could give you enough time to clean the problems facing a possible challenge to the Cotton Bowl, which has long sought a return to the bowling elite status and now has a great, a new stadium to support their cause.

Cotton Bowl president Rick Baker declined to comment in a bowl spokesman.
Expenditure report, a series of questions for the 50 years celebration Junker, Fiesta Bowl, will pay a price of $ 33.0000 at Pebble Beach, California, his car allowance and paid membership in the four elite private golf club . There was also a $ 1,200 travel Junker and two others are Phoenix strip club.

Dichter said Junker was not asked about the birthday party of the panel. He said he had nothing to do with paying for what it was made by another employee at the time. Junker lawyer provided to The Associated Press a copy of the interview now deposited CEO with investigators.

The Fiesta, which also operates the Insight Bowl and many other smaller events, staging highly anticipated showdown between Auburn and Oregon for the national championship this year.

The working group composed of seven members of BCS question survey will be conducted by Spanier and includes Northern Illinois president John Peters, Big East commissioner John Marinatto, Sun Belt commissioner Wright Waters, and sports director Jeremy Foley of Florida, Bob Bowlsby , Stanford and Richard Giannani of Southern Mississippi.

Former Players File Antitrust Lawsuit Against NFL

Four NFL players to retirement, including the Hall of Fame defensive end Carl Eller Pro Bowl, and running back Priest Holmes, has filed a federal class action, antitrust lawsuit against the NFL on Monday seeking to end lock out.

V. Eller NFL will Yahoo! Sport, which corresponds to Brady et al v. NFL. However, it is based on the measurement of potentially intelligent law, that the championship could be a box in a corner and indicates a significant development in pro football nearly ended the labor impasse that has lasted a month.
The trial of former players "includes the perspectives of eligible projects that are not represented by the Players Association NFL under the previous collective agreement. Therefore, these plaintiffs could avoid one of the chief arguments against the Anti Brady's trial - that the union illegally revoked.

"The owners say the union is illegally fired the union must be ordered to rebuild and forced to sit at the negotiating table," lead attorney Michael Hausfeld headquarters in Washington DC LLC Hausfeld said LAUNCHcast sports. "When we look at the last CBA, is the recruits who were drafted and recruits who began negotiating with teams."
This is why players wait until the college draft next month, the Union is not and can not be criticized for its withdrawal of certification. They are, however, says Hausfeld that affect the block.

"These players have a competition law," Hausfeld said. "They have essentially staked a career of being eligible for the NFL.

"The owners have closed their potential employees through a concerted boycott" Hausfeld said. "[L 'dress] owners should avoid the main lines of defense, and that the issue should be resolved [National Labor Relations Board] is not a court of law."
The NFL has said that his "lawyers have not had the opportunity to examine" the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court of the United States for the District of Minnesota. The NFLPA has been aware of the claim before submission, according to Hausfeld. It has also not yet responded to a comment.

Hausfeld has made a career of winning complex demands - which includes compensation for Holocaust survivors win by Swiss banks. His company is currently one of the ends of the wires in a lawsuit filed by former college athletes as Ed O'Bannon and Oscar Robertson against the NCAA for illegal use of their similarities.
For Eller, Hausfeld create a crack in the armor of the NFL.

"How stupid to have a bill in April and say, congratulations, you still can?" He asked.

By using the window between now and the start of the NFL draft, April 28, the NFL is exposed to this kind of argument.

NFL, Hausfeld said, would have to work out an agreement with the NFLPA or the assumption of risk in an antitrust case against it without the top. If the league were to lose, could the basic structures of your business - the salary cap, draft, free agency and so on. It would be better to accept an agreement.
"We are seeing something different," Hausfeld said. "[NFL] has created more confusion for yourself. If we can end the blockade and the Union, then they will negotiate separately for each player and former player.

"This is essentially the straw that broke the glass. It is hoped that forces everyone to the table."

It remains to be seen. Predict how any trial, much less complicated arguments of the competition will be unsuccessful. NFL has many lawyers, too.

For fans eager for any solution or forced labor if the impasse, this unexpected legal challenge at least, a positive potential.