Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kick Off Is Moved To 35, Stay 20 Touchbacks

NEW ORLEANS (AP)-The NFL kickoff will move up to 5 meters of 35-yard line, touchback to keep the 20 and the number of players in a wedge lock to remain at two.

Players now kick coverage is limited to row 5 yards or less from the starting point of the match.

team owners also voted Tuesday to do all the work test score by the official play and the referee. However, they have submitted a proposal to ban players rush a tackle, and the review in May
Competition Committee of the League suggested the ball may be after 25 touchbacks is a kick off, and by prohibiting the wedge completely. Concerned about the number of cars to make too many changes in kickoff touchbacks also say that more than 5 meters in the field affect the position too. Coaches worried about the increase from 16 percent kickoff touchbacks last season.

"Always a touchback, and now is not getting a 20" Saints coach Sean Payton said: "I think it was perhaps the most dramatic in four or five sites was a rule."

kickoff low risk has been targeted, and Payton believes that met the owners, voting 26-6 for the new rule.

"The main thing is ... the greatest risk of injury to play," he said.

Browns returner Joshua Cribbs Highlights (Notes), was not enthusiastic about the changes, Twitter: "Basically, take the game back on ... the wound is still carried out, why not move back, or eliminate all a whole. "

The touch-backs, "said the chairman of the Competition Committee Rich McKay coaches were concerned about an increase of 35 high kick return teams designed to trap deeply and seriously reduce the number of returns. He also said that two corner pieces has not been a driving force behind the rise in injuries on kickoffs. In fact, most injuries occur in the blanket back on the squad.

As for the six voting no, "said McKay," The opposition was, 'Hey, you affect my team. "Obviously, some teams have good kick return and they said," What if there are 10 per cent lower back? "

"We have no response," said McKay, "but the safety of the players will always prevail over any other consideration."

But the amendment for two players safety was tabled until the league meetings in May A proposal to ban players to launch applications for decision were deferred, as he was to broaden the definition of a defenseless receiver.

McKay said that unites these two additions to the previous rule caused the tank. Each proposal will be made separate amendments before being presented again.

"We did not feel he had enough support to get it," said Giants owner John Mara, a member of the Competition Committee. "A number of people who seemed, in my view, more concerned with the flags to be thrown questionable success. My feeling is that I'm more concerned about concussions useless, so I'm ready to do this work. But I think we only to go back and clarify some of the language, maybe make a little clearer for everyone. "

McKay commended the players to avoid being run during the second half of last season after the league threatened suspensions for flagrant and illegal moves. No suspensions were handed out, but Ray Anderson, head of discipline from the NFL, said they would be involved from the start of next season.

Change playback approved 30-2, with one change: the challenge of the third car of the committee suggested eliminating competition will be retained.

The replay official can call the court hours of the game score. Previously, the replay officials could only provide estimates (the game) and the last two minutes of every time and overtime.
Coaches pressure for change largely because they felt they did not get fair treatment on road games.

"It's a real big competitive disadvantage," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "You do not look the way you get it home. You can not show"

A proposal was approved unanimously, the Commissioner has the power to approve or reject requests to change the color of the playing green. Falcons owner Arthur Blank said the concern was that the sponsors may approach a lot of teams, and suggests that changing the color of the field.

As McKay said with a smile: "I do not want any red areas, like Eastern Washington."

AP Pro Football Writer Howard Fendrich in New Orleans and Sports Writer Tom Cross in Cleveland contributed to this story.