Friday, March 18, 2011

Goodell E-mail All Active NFL Players

NEW YORK (AP)-Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote to the NFL on Thursday, outlining the latest proposal and the Union League warned that "every day brings our game and our economy is still common in danger."

Goodell ended the letter, a copy was obtained by The Associated Press, telling the players: "I hope you will encourage your union to return to the negotiating table and conclude a new collective agreement."

Talks between team owners and NFL Players Association broke down last Friday, the day 16 of the federal mediation in Washington. The union dissolved in the afternoon, to allow players to file an antitrust class action lawsuits in federal court. A few hours later, the owners locked players, creating a work stoppage in the NFL since 1987.

"I told the guys to take a letter and set it on fire. We are not so stupid," said Seattle Seahawks guard Chester Pitts ,whose reaction was mediated by an assistant director to George Atallah NFLPA.

Titans linebacker Will Witherspoon called "very unpleasant" for Goodell to send such a letter.

"If we were in the yard, I would look for a lawyer trying to keep control," Witherspoon texted AP Thursday night. "I duly protested against the fact that it has highlighted its highlights, but do not give them reason to stand on!"

Goodell wrote that the NFLPA "is out of office ... and the federal mediator brought a lawsuit." He also said the owner's will to resume negotiations at any time. "

"We must unite, and soon," Goodell wrote.
He says he wants players to "understand the offer we made," a proposal made during the last day of negotiations.

"We believe that the offer presented a solid and equitable for the continuation of negotiations for the new league year and free will to begin with and increase our participation in the years to come," said Goodell.

His letter goes on point by point through the 10 categories included Goodell said the NFL's latest proposal. Among them:

- Salary and benefits would be $ 141,000,000 club Fri in 2011, an increase of 161 million U.S. dollars by 2014;

- The free agency after four seasons;

- Minor Works offseason and less padded practice in the preseason and regular season;
- Maintain 16-game regular season, at least the next two seasons, and that no change of 18 games without the consent of the Alliance;

- Provide up to $ 1 million for the second year of the contract if it is injured and can not return to play;

- A new recruit compensation system;

- A neutral arbitrator appointed jointly for all drugs, and calls for steroids.