Monday, September 6, 2010

Ryo Ishikawa Wins Golf Title

The Japanese golf player, Ryo Ishikawa won the Fujisankei Classic golf title on Sunday at Fujizakura Country Club, in Mount Fuji. Ishikawa is the 18 year old youngest golf player to win the title for the second year in a row.

Ishikawa won the game against, Shunsuke Sonoda with a score of nine under par 275. After finishing the game in first three playoff holes, Ishikawa two-putted for par on the fourth, but Sonoda's short par putt lipped out to hand.

Ishikawa stated to media that, he felt very hard to win the game this time when compared to last year. He wants to keep on continuing to play more games and win titles. For winning the Fujisankei Classic golf title, Ishikawa was awarded an amount of $261,000 and this leads to the top position in Japan Golf tournament money rankings.