Friday, June 18, 2010

Slovenia v USA: Slovenia leads USA with 2-0

Slovenia v USA Live Soccer Betting: Slovenia leads Half time with 2-0 against USA. Slovenia Forward Zlatan Ljubijankic scored first goal in this match, which doubles the Slovenia Lead at Half Time.
Slovenia Midfielder Birsa opend the lead and Forward Ljubijankic makes it Double. In the 42 minute of play Zlatan Ljubijankic exchange the moves with teammate Miso Brecko and finishes it by coolly slotting past Tim Howard.

After trailing with 0-1 USA attacked more on the target to level the scores but it was big shock for USA fans, Poor Goal keeping by the USA Goal Keeper Tim Howard in this match.

Slovenia may confirmed the Knock Out Stage Berth with this performance, which is already at the top of Group C Table and here if it wins with the 6 points remains at the top of table and enters in to Second Round for the First time.

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Slovenia v USA Live Updates: Slovenia Leads with 1-0 Early In the Match

Slovenia v USA Live World Cup Betting Odds: Slovenia took the lead against USA with an early Goal. USA Struggling here. What a moment for the Slovenia, midfielder Birsa Opened the Lead to his side in the 13 minute.

What a Goal from out side the Box, A stunning moment for the Slovenia, Birsa scored the first goal in the World Cup against USA. USA Defense under pressure after the lead 0-1.

In the very next minute USA got the chance to level the score, Donovan crosses into the box from a free-kick but Bocanegra can't get his head on it at the same time Slovenia Goal Keeper Handanovic gets a good fist to hammer the ball clear.

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Slovenia v USA: Will Slovenia Beat USA??

Slovenia v USA Live World Cup Odds: Will Slovenia Continue the winning Streak against USA?? Slovenia meets USA in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Group C at Ellis Park, Johannesburg on Friday, June 18, 2010, Kick Off Time is at 15:00 GMT, 4:00 PM Local.
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Slovenia is playing just their second World Cup finals, at the top of the table in the Group C with a win over Algeria. USA made a Draw in the opening match against England

USA goalkeeper Tim Howard will expect to play in this match, who injured in match against England on Saturday.

Slovenia has won seven of their last eight matches where as the USA has lost four of their last six matches against European opposition.

This is the first meeting between Slovenia and the USA at any level.

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Germany vs Serbia Live Updates: Is Germany will back into game with 10 Players??

Germany vs Serbia Live World Cup BettingGermany stunned by the Serbia Opening Goal. Three Times World Cup Winner Germany is in big trouble after 38 minute of play. Serbia Scored first Goal in the 19th World Cup to end the half Time with 1-0. Total six Yellow cards are issued in the Half time; among them four are against Germany and Two against Serbia.

In the 12 minute of play Germany Attacker booked by referee and at the 37 minute second time yellow card is issued and he left the field. In the very next minute Serbia is given a surprise to the Germany by opening the lead through Jovanovic.

Germany is in defense now, two daft bookings for Klose and then the goal to follow up his dismissal. Will Germany back into the Game?? Lets See What Happens.

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2010 FIFA World Cup: Germany vs Serbia Live Odds And Picks

Germany vs Serbia Live World Cup Betting: Three time World Cup Champion Germany will face the Serbia in the second match in Group D at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth on Friday, June 18, 2010 and Kick off Time is at 12:30 pm GMT | 1:30 pm South Africa | 8:00am ET.
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In the Opening match at Group D, World Number six, Germany won against Australia with 4-0, while World Number 15, Serbia were surprisingly beaten 1-0 by Ghana. Today Serbia needs to win this match or at least make a draw to survive in the World Cup.

With one win Germany and Ghana are in the top of the Group Table. German Midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger is fit and back in to the side.

Coach Antic could turn to Zdravko Kuzmanovic to come into midfield, despite yielding a gratuitous penalty with a handball in the Black Stars clash.

Picks: Germany will win 2-0 or 3-1

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2010 NBA Finals: Lakers vs. Celtics game 7 Results

2010 NBA Finals: Lakers vs. Celtics game 7 on Thursday, June 17, 2010 at STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, CA. Lakers won the final match against Celtics with 83-79 and won the second Consecutive NBA Title.

Lakers opened the lead by winning first game in the Best of Seven Series but Celtics leveled in the Game 2. Again Lakers back to the lead by winning Game 3 after that Celtics won back to back games Fourth and Fifth and leads the series with 3-2. Lakers are won the important Sixth game to get back into series and finished the series with a win in the Game 7. It leads not only Series, the 2010 NBA Championship.

Celtics played well in the first quarter and finished with the lead of 23-14 but from the second quarter Lakers took the lead and finished the game with 83-79.

Kobe Bryant was named NBA Finals MVP, finished the game 7 with 23 points, 15 rebounds and two assists, but he also went just 6 of 24 on the ground.

Bryant won his fifth title with the Lakers, who repeated as NBA champions for the first time in three games straight from 2000-02.

Los Angeles had the worst NBA Finals shooting percentage with 32.5%, for a winning team in the shot-clock era.

Top Performers
Boston: R. Rondo - 14 Pts, 8 Rebounds, 10 Assists, 1 Stl
Los Angeles: P. Gasol - 19 Pts, 18 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Blk

MLB Betting – National League Pennant

We recently passed the one-third portion of the Major League Baseball season, time to have a look once again at the MLB betting odds to win the National League pennant. When last we checked in, it was the Philadelphia Phillies’ to lose. Well guess what? They’re not even leading their own division. While they remain the favorites long term, this thing is wide open, so let’s check out the Sports Betting MLB odds on the NL title.

The Phillies odds at Sports Betting still have them favored to reach a third straight World Series at 5 to 2. However, there are a variety of contenders nipping on their heels. For starters, the Tony LaRussa-led St. Cardinals odds aren’t too far behind Philly’s odds. The Cards are 3 to 1 to get back to the World Series for the first time since 2006.

But there are a whole host of other viable candidates to come out of the National League. Over in the west, the Los Angeles Dodgers odds closely follow those of the Braves. L.A. is 4 to 1 to make the World Series. Manager Joe Torre has brought a certain level of legitimacy to the Dodgers with baseball betting experts.

Meanwhile, the team leading the Phils in the NL East is the Atlanta Braves. Bobby Cox and the Braves are currently listed at 7 to 2 MLB odds to win the NL pennant.

Next up, how about wagering on the Cincinnati Reds odds to win the NL title? The Reds are 8 to 1 shots to return to the championship since 1990. Cincy is waging a tough NL Central battle with the Cardinals at the moment. The fact that they are significantly trailing the Cardinals in the odds department means bettors aren’t buying into them as a contender just yet.

Looking for a longshot? How about the San Diego Padres? They’ve been in an NL West dog fight all season with the Dodgers. However, Sports Betting has them listed as 18 to 1 shots to win the NL pennant. A $100 MLB betting wager on the Padres gives you terrific value should they come home with the coveted league championship.

Utah Joins Pac 10; College Football Conference Shuffle Hushes

It has been a hectic couple of weeks for college football betting handicappers. On Monday, it looked like the Big 12 might not exist as the Texas Longhorns and their cavalcade were expected to be moving to the Pac 10, leaving Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor and Iowa State in limbo. And that was on the heels of Boise State shifting to the Mountain West, Nebraska moving to the Big Ten and Colorado leaving for the Pac 10.

Now that the week is over, the Big 12 is still intact and it seems like the dust has settled after one last move.

The latest – and likely final switch, for now – is the Utah Utes joining the Pac 10 starting in the 2011 season. It’s another solid addition by the Pac 10 and one that should definitely make their conference stronger.

The Utes have been a BCS-buster a couple of times this decade and are the only team from a non-BCS conference to make it to the BCS twice. For the school, the invitation is a big win as betting fans know they will get far more credibility playing in the Pac 10 than they did beating on weak teams in the Mountain West.

Speaking of the Mountain West, losing Utah is a huge blow just as it looked like BYU and Utah were really starting to generate some national attention as a rivalry and they were expecting to add Boise State to the mix. Instead of having three schools with BCS potential, they are back to the two and overall have made a lateral move this offseason.

The Utes no longer have to worry about being an at-large team as the Pac10 has an automatic BCS berth. At the same time. the sportsbook odds makers know that Utah will have a much tougher time qualifying for the BCS now that their schedule will stiffen significantly.

For now, it looks like the conference movement has quieted down and if there is more, it will likely surround a Notre Dame move some time next year.

NBA Finals Betting: Lakers Won Second In a Row Overall Sixteenth Title

Los Angeles Lakers Won The Second Straight NBA Championship and overall 16th title. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Boston Celtics 83-79 in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals to win the championship on Thursday, June 17, 2010 at STAPLES Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Despite taking the title though, the Lakers failed to cover as 7-point home faves and the Total, which was set at 186.5, went Under.

Kobe Bryant was named NBA Finals MVP and was awarded the Bill Russell MVP award, finishing Game 7 with 23-points, 15 rebounds and a pair of assists but he also went only 6 of 24 from the field.

“I wanted it so bad, and sometimes when you want it so bad, it slips away from you,” Kobe told the AP after the game.

“My guys picked me up.”

And that was indeed the case as forward Ron Artest chipped in with 20-points, Pau Gasol contributed 19 and Derek Fisher added 10.

Prior to the start of the championship, the Lakers were listed as -170 in series price betting and the Celtics were +150 underdogs.

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