Thursday, April 8, 2010

Online Casino Rules Officially Approved by France

Now online casinos are Legal in France. The France national assembly voted in favor of the bill legalizing casinos online in the country. Only remaining steps to complete the process is to apply the new regulations are approval by EU and committees verifying the constitutionality of the measure.

EU is already receiving complaints about new regulations and those do not comply with EU rules. Online casinos operating from other EU members say the rules discriminate in favor of existing French gaming monopolies, and break agreements that foreign licensing by other EU nations must be respected by domestic commercial markets.

EU investigators have a number of infringement complaints pressing, as several nations refuse to honor commitments toward a single free market  But the procession to justice has been exceedingly slow by EC courts.

Meanwhile, French lawmakers say the new bill will help prevent illegal competition by unlicensed online gambling games sites. Budget Minister Francois Baroin told EGRmagazine he is “convinced this solution will allow us to gradually drain the black-market of online gaming by creating a legal alternative”.

By acting now, France may be able to allow citizens online sports betting in time for this year's World Cup, considered the major event of the sports gambling year.


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