Friday, May 14, 2010

Boxing Betting: Cristobal Cruz vs Orlando Salido IBF Featherweight Title

Who will win IBF featherweight title? Cristobal Cruz? Or Orlando Salido?. Watch the Cristobal Cruz vs. Orlando Salido Title Fight Live on Saturday, May 15, 2010. Two strongest fighters in boxing are surfacing up to claim the victory Cristobal Cruz will face Orlando Salido at Ciudad Obregon, Mexico for IBF featherweight title.

Cristobal Cruz having a record of 39 wins, 11 losses, 2 draws and 23KOs and Orlando Salido having 33 wins, 10 losses, 2 draws and 22 KOs.

Cristobal Cruz vs Orlando Salido Match Schedule

Weight division: featherweights
Players: Cristobal Cruz (39-11-2, 23 KOs),
               Orlando Salido (33-10-2, 22 KOs)
Date: 15 May 2010, Friday
Location: Ciudad Obregon, Mexico


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