Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 World Cup Schedule, Teams and Predictions

2010 World Cup Live Picks and Odds @ Sportsbook: We are just 4 days away from 2010 World Cup. The start date of 2010 World Cup is June 11, 2010. The Football or Soccer fans are eagerly waiting for the starting of World Cup. 32 teams have been qualified for 2010 World Cup. The venue for this year’s world cup is South Africa.

The 32 teams have divided into 8 groups and each group is having 4 teams. The group wise teams are as follows.

Group A

1. South Africa

2. Mexico

3. Uruguay

4. France

Group B

1. Argentina

2. Nigeria

3. South Korea

4. Greece

Group C

1. England

2. United States

3. Algeria

4. Slovenia

Group D

1. Germany

2. Australia

3. Serbia

4. Ghana

Group E

1. Netherlands

2. Denmark

3. Japan

4. Cameroon

Group F

1. Italy

2. Paraguay

3. New Zealand

4. Slovakia

Group G

1. Brazil

2. North Korea

3. Ivory Coast

4. Portugal

Group H

1. Spain

2. Switzerland

3. Honduras

4. Chile

2010 World Cup Predictions

Brazil is one of the best team in the World Cup. The people who don’t know about soccer, but they know about Brazil. Brazil has won 5 world cups. Many Online Sportsbooks are predicting that Brazil at least reach to the semi finals in this year’s world cup.

I have just predicted one team. Online Sportsbooks are provided odds and picks for 2010 World Cup.

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