Monday, June 28, 2010

Mexico vs Argentina World Cup Highlights

Mexico vs Argentina World Cup Highlights @ Sportsbook: : Mexico lost to Argentina for the second time in a row at a World Cup on Sunday night at Soccer City.

In Sunday Pre Quarterfinals Argentina wins over Mexico with 3-1 to enter Quarterfinals. Mexico and Argentina had good opportunities early in the match to lead. Especially Mexico at 9th minute when Salcido strikes from the out side the box hits the post. Good start from the Mexico but unlucky too.

In response the Argentina player Messi comes forward again strikes but Perez was aware of the danger and caught the ball on the line. So much happen in the first fifteen minutes at soccer city. Both teams tried to dominate each other but Argentina had most time of possession.

In the 25th minute Argentina opened their lead through forward Tevez after a Controversy but finally allowed a goal. In the 33rd minute Higuain doubles the lead for Argentina.

Mexico had one more opportunity to cut down the lead to 1-2 just before the half time when Hernandez missed the chance.

In the 52nd minute Argentina Forward Tevez strikes once again to make the lead 3-0. He smacks it with unbelievable power from outside the box, and it flies into the top-right corner.

In the 71st minute Mexico scored their first goal through Hernandez, Mexico 1 Argentina 3. In the final minute Argentina star player Messi tried to make the lead 4-1 but the Mexican keeper did well to hold.

Man of the match:
Carlos Tevez

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