Saturday, July 10, 2010

Paul Octopus Predictions: Spain vs Netherlands - Spain will win?

Spain vs Netherlands World Cup Predictions @ Sportsbok: Paul can count on. Paul Octopus Predictions about World Cup Finals Spain vs Netherlands has been caused. Paul predicted Spin will beat Holland to lift the World Cup for the first time.

The eight arms of the Oberhausen Sealife Aquarium has not been wrong - and thus made plenty of enemies: "The octopus was stupid really. Calamari for everybody!" It brawled after the defeat against Spain on the Internet. About Twitter it rained a lot of death threats - especially in the form of recipes for the grill or pan.

Of all Spain's government has developed alongside the joy of victory sympathy for the German octopus. "I'm worried about him," said Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Miguel Sebastian, Spanish Minister of Industry, suggested even to bring the animal from the Ruhr area to the Iberian peninsula - for security reasons. Environment Minister Elena Espinosa said plain text: "For the Germans do not eat it."

A thought, the Germany fans after the defeat against Spain had quite a lot. But Paul was previously in an old German, dark, intelligent sleeve, greasy snack at any corner Oberhausen Mayo and hunter drowned in an old and greasy-fried-oil deep-fried and especially in, found some.

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schneider said...

Spain should not win the world cup... they are to many lies on the field.. we see it all... there is no sportmanship... thumb down for spain player.. you win in the dirtiest way...

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