Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phoenix Open Affected By Cold Conditions

Frozen peat swept the Pro-Am round of the Phoenix Open and the temperature would have very long delay before playing on Thursday and Friday.

The temperature rose to 20 F (-2 C) early in the morning when the players began arriving at the TPC Scottsdale and only 35 F (1.5 C) about 11 hours when the pro-am was canceled.

“The greens are still frozen,” said Slugger White, the PGA Tour’s vice president of rules. “The approaches are frozen. And it just would do a tremendous amount of damage if we walked on it, just tracking everything up with the greens being frozen.”

With nighttime temperatures in the 20's, the gel could cause long delays before play can begin on Thursday and Friday.

“Anything could happen with the weather, but it doesn’t look good tomorrow morning,” White said. “It’s supposed to be colder. And it might be even colder on Friday. So, we’ll just see.”


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