Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friend Bonds: I Saw The Trainer Holding Syringe

San Francisco (AP)-Barry Bonds watched the witness box blank expression of a childhood friend and former business associate described as the biggest star in baseball entered the bedroom of his home to spring training with trainer Greg Anderson, it was a syringe needle.

A few minutes later, walked Bonds and Anderson.

Steve Hoskins has testified in federal court Wednesday that he has never seen Anderson injected Bonds. The question is whether the jury Hoskins, "a description of where the army has begun to challenge later in the day, is a path toward the bond issue is lying when he told the jury seven years ago, has never made a conscious steroids.

Speak slowly and stirring a bit in the witness chair, Hoskins gave the first witness at the trial's dramatic home run king, who faces four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction.

Hoskins said he saw the scenes of bonds and Anderson will be borne by the needle-bedroom, one or two times in spring training, after three consecutive years since 2000.

A partnership with the obligations in a memory business, Hoskins said the home run hitter was asked to inquire about the impact of the steroid Winstrol in 1999, around the time Bonds was having left shoulder surgery on April 20. Hoskins said he was with Dr. Arthur Ting, who is expected to testify later in the trial, and presented a piece of data back to the slugger. Hoskins said he planned to go to Bobby Bonds, father of the accused and a former major leaguer himself, expressing his suspicion.

"I was worried in 1999 after Dr. Ting to talk about it," he testified Hoskins. "In 2003 I was still worried because it was coming, it seemed to be getting out of hand."

This was the period when the bonds are substantially inflated and started to display the number of unprecedented power for the Giants in San Francisco. The seven-time NL MVP hit a season-record 73 channels in 2001 on his way to a career record of 762 during his final season in 2007-months before he was indicted for his testimony before a grand jury in 2003.

Hoskins, who also helped Bonds get his equipment to the order of magnitude, Bonds said body has changed over that period, prosecutors support the transformation was caused by steroids.

"His shoe size just bigger," said Hoskins. "His glove size has changed. ... His weight has changed. He got heavier and bigger."

Bonds, a clearer gray suits than previous days, and a striped tie, took copious notes during the testimony of Hoskins, who took federal agent Jeff Novitzky on the stand and was the second witness in a trial expected to last about a month.

Both prosecutors and the defense played for the jury parts of a secretly Hoskins recording of a conversation that took place in front of the locker Bonds in 2003. Hoskins said he had an Olympus digital recorder in a pocket and Anderson recorded "to see Bobby doing what is really happening."

"It was the only way to prove it," said Hoskins.

Hoskins has never played in the conversation for Bobby Bonds, who in 2003 was diagnosed with cancer and died in August.

Much of the recording was published by Crown in February 2009. At one point, Anderson is heard discussing what the government contends that gave Bonds steroids are. "But all is ... all I did at this time, it's all undetectable," he said.

Voices on the tape was muffled, and for the role played by the prosecution was given jury transcripts to help them. Hoskins has also admitted to secretly recorded conversations with Ting and a lawyer for Slugger, Laura Enos. Hoskins said, Ting recording had disappeared.

Hoskins said earlier that the bonds was angry, talking about near the ballpark for batting cage in 2002, because "Greg did not give Barry a shot."

"Barry has said that if Greg would not give him shots, he gave himself," he said in an interview with Assistant U.S. Attorney Hoskins Matthew Parrella.

Jurors took notes as Hoskins spoke. He directed his answers to the prosecutor, unlike Novitzky, who turned and addressed the panel.

Hoskins was a friend and go-fer to Bonds, besides being a business partner. He acknowledged giving thousands of dollars in cash to two women Bonds was dating.

Defense attorney Allen Ruby, within 2 1 / 2 first hours of a cons-examination, which continues Thursday, tried to build an argument Hoskins came into bonds after the player ended their joint operation , March 27, 2003. 

Although Hoskins said earlier conversation with Anderson took place in March, Ruby has played a part of the record where the Bonds slump early in the season was discussed, indicating a conversation took place in April, after Bonds said Hoskins their business relationship was over.

After giving different answers to his testimony before a grand jury several years ago, claimed the two errors Hoskins testimony before a grand jury and a government report on April 1, 2005, a meeting he held with prosecutors . The report of that meeting, according to Ruby, "said Hoskins said he saw Bonds injected.
The defense has attacked 'credibility in accusing him of trying to tighten the bonds, which Hoskins denied. 

Ruby is also the point that when Bonds went to the authorities allegedly Hoskins had forged his signature, the U.S. Attorney 's office in the Hoskins Seattle, where the case was never interviewed Hoskins. Around the same time, Hoskins began an investigation in cooperation licenses U.S. Attorney 's office in San Francisco.

Hoskins said that before his fall with Bonds, was authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the player. Jointly deal with collectors society Hoskins' Kent has had to pay $ 400,000, that Goldin Sports Marketing, Ken Goldin, and Hoskins, Bonds may be held instead of Bentley cars.

"Her accountants would not let him buy the car value," said Hoskins.

Despite evidence against its obligations to the government, Hoskins said he admired the player.

"I would never want to get in trouble for Mr. Bonds in any way shape or form," he said and called him "a very good friend" and "a very good person."

"I had one to try to prevent him from taking steroids, because I thought it was bad for him," said Hoskins.


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