Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fiesta Bowl NCAA Meet In The Permit

Fiesta Bowl officials will meet later this month with the subcommittee to the NCAA bowl games license.

Fiesta Bowl spokesman Andrew Bagnato confirmed the April 28 meeting in New Orleans, to coincide with the Bowl Championship Series meetings.
Dennis Poppe, NCAA vice-baseball and football, told the Arizona Republic on Tuesday that the Fiesta Bowl and was invited to meet with the group of 11 members.

He told the newspaper that the party could have its license revoked four years, although in the past, permits have been revoked due to financial problems or assistance.
The meeting follows a report commissioned by the Arizona-based games, which led to the firing of its longtime chairman for alleged misappropriation of funds.

"We look forward to meeting the NCAA to answer all the questions in the special report of the committee, and discuss the new rules, policies and ensure that the government has put in place to prevent the activities described in the report be repeated" the Fiesta Bowl, said in a statement.
BCS has also formed a working group will meet with the Fiesta Bowl and help determine if it wants to do business with in the game

Fiesta Bowl is one of four sets of high level with the Rose, Orange and sugar, which hosts the BCS national championship once every four seasons.


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