Thursday, May 5, 2011

Derrick Rose Won NBA’s MVP Award

Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose got NBA’s (MVP) Most Valuable Player award for his best performance.

Derrick was the youngest player to win the NBA MVP for the year 2010. He was 20 year old player got this award as he led Chicago Bulls to 62-20 record in playoffs. On Monday night he shared his views on getting the MVP award.

Chicago Bulls won the NBA Match against Atlanta Hawks, 86-73 on Wednesday night. Rose was the best player in the match, with 25 points and 10 assists. But something has gone wrong. He had eight turnovers, and he hasn’t shot well the entire postseason.

On Wednesday, he was 10-for-27. After losing Game 1, the word around the locker room was that they lacked energy for some reason. More likely, the energy level was fine. This was just what happens in the playoffs: Things get clamped down, blocked out, clogged up, knocked around, and packed together. And so far, we’re talking about Indiana and Atlanta. The Bulls won Wednesday by doing all year as a system: hustling, rebounding, playing defense. This works fine against the Heat in the regular sports season, but it’s uncertain that will be enough in a conference final.

Rose will learn. He is learning. And he has another week or so to figure this out and find a pace for the Bulls.


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