Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NFL adds game-day drug test for players

National Football League is adding up a game-day testing for the performance-enhancing substances. But this time not recreational drugs under the new collective bargaining agreement. The League’s senior Vice President of Law and Labor policy, Adolpho Birch has told on a conference call that the test were not conducted in the past days there were games as of the reason of logistical issues involves and much more than any philosophical issues.

Adolpho Birch oversees the (Football Betting) NFL’s drug program. He also told that the league has developed a way to test that is not overly disruptive to the clubs and that respects the game-day process. However, he would not say where the talks between the NFL and players stand but the details that are needed to be worked out before the league can introduce random.

Last week, the NFL and the union has agreed that the HGH testing can become part of the sport’s drug program under the new, 10-year collective bargaining agreement that was sanctioned by the players on Thursday. Besides this, the issues such as the appeals process and how test are taken have to be negotiated.

Birch said that the key to the testing is the randomness of it and that every player in subject to and eligible for testing on a year-round basis, but with no notice. However, the only limitation on the number of tests is that a player may be tested a maximum of six times each offseason from February until the start of training camp.

Birch would certainly expect players will be tested in an amount that will be meaningful but more important; the idea is not so much the number of tests performed. But, it is constant threat of testing that provides the key to deterrence under this particular program.


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