Monday, April 12, 2010

Soccer Betting : History of Soccer Worldcup

Soccer betting world cup 2010

The FIFA World Cup has become the most watched sporting event in the world when it’s played every four years and it has a long history that dates back all the way too 1930 which was when the first World Cup was played. Back in 1930 when the first Soccer World Cup was played there were only 13 teams who took part in the event and this was largely to do with the fact most teams couldn’t travel to Uruguay which is where the event was being held.

The World Cup had some trouble in the early years due to many countries being at war with each other and this meant that most teams wouldn’t travel to other countries to play soccer. In 1942 and 1946 the World Cup was cancelled due to the Second World War although the World Cup was back in 1950. The World Cup has anywhere from 13-16 teams competed up until the 80’s when the event expanded.

In 1982 the event expanded and there were now 24 teams who took part in the tournament every four years and it remained this way until 1998 when the World Cup expanded to 32 teams which is where it has stayed. In order to qualify for 1 of the 32 spots for the World Cup you need to play in qualifying tournaments throughout the three years prior to the event. You should also note that basically since the very beginning of the World Cup the host nation has automatically been able to play in the event without the need to qualify.
There have been 18 World Cups held since the first one in 1930 and it’s now become an event that is anticipated like the Olympics are. Brazil has seen the most success in the World Cup as they have won five titles, but they are close to being taken over Italy who has won 4 titles including the last World Cup in 2006. The 2006 world Cup was held in Germany and it was won by Italy. The 2010 World Cup is going to be taking place in South Africa and there were a total of 204 teams trying to qualify for the 32 spots.

The event generally runs for roughly a month and to start the event the 32 teams are split up into 8 groups of 4 teams. The teams then play against the other teams in their group once each and then the two teams with the best record will move onto the next round of the World Cup. The 16 remaining teams in the event then play in a single elimination round which knocks it down to only 8 teams. The event remains a single elimination event until there is a winner crowned.

Generally the powerhouse the countries in soccer have always taken down the World Cup championship and only 7 countries have been able to win the title. The seven countries who have won the World Cup include Brazil, Uruguay, England, West Germany, Italy, Argentina and France. With the 2010 Soccer World Cup getting closer I can only begin to ponder whether there will be an 8th team added to the list of World Cup Champions.


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