Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 World Cup Group A Preview Analysis and Predictions

2010 World Cup Group A Live Picks @ Sportsbook: Today is the festival for all football fans. 2010 World cup starting date is today i.e. June 11, 2010. Today is the starting day for Group A matches. The two Group A matches which will be held on the starting day, i.e. today are South Africa vs Mexico and Uruguay vs France.

Group A Teams



South Africa


South Africa vs Mexico

In the first match South Africa will face Mexico at Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg. The time for this match is set at 4:00 pm South Africa Time. In this match, South Africa has home field advantage and Mexico has the skill. Both teams are hoping a good start at today’s match.

Uruguay vs France

Uruguay vs France is the second match in Group A on June 11, 2010. The match is scheduled at Cape Town. The time set for this match is 8:30 pm South Africa Time. In this match, France has the talent and Uruguay has the firepower. In group A, France is the best in talent where as Uruguay has the best goal scorers.

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