Friday, June 11, 2010

South Africa vs Mexico Live: Scores are leveled with 1-1 And Highlights

South Africa vs Mexico Live Soccer Betting Updates: After Ending Scoreless half time South Africa Scored the first goal in the 2010 FIFA World Cup against Mexico. South African midfielder Tshabalala scores the first Goal in the 19th World Cup against Mexico.
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South Africa leads with 1-0 in the match after scoring the first goal early in the second half. But Mexican Defender MARQUEZ scored the forst goal for Mexico and leveled the scores with 1-1.

In the 79 minute Mexico is back in the game and levels the scores. The vuvuzelas tumble silent for the first time in the match.

South Africans got many chances to lead but Mexico was defending well in the match. In the 89 minute hosts got Free-kick, Mexico in a dangerous position. Blanco dinks the ball in but Letsholonyane gets it clear from the edge of the box.

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