Friday, June 4, 2010

Friendly Soccer Japan vs Ivory Coast Live Updates - Ivory Coast leads with 2-0

Japan vs Ivory Coast Live Soccer Betting Odds and Picks: Japan vs Ivory Coast, the two world cup qualifiers playing their final warm up match before heading to South Africa to play 2010 FIFA World Cup on Friday, June 04, 2010 at tade Tourbillon, Sion, Switzerland and kick off time is at 11:20 am GMT | 6:20 am ET.

Ivory Coast leads in the first half with 1-0. Japan defender Lyuji Murzani Tanaka Scored the self goal in the match at 13th minute of the play. Ivory Coast attacking on the Japan goal post from the beginning of first half and made 6 attempts where as Japan made only three attempts.

In the Second Half Ivory Coast Defender Kolo Habib Touré converted free Kick into Goal at the 80th minute of play.

Japan is trying hard to level the score but Ivory Coast defense was extremely good in the match so far. If Ivory Coast finishes this match with 1-0 this will be the first win against Japan and drops the Japan lead to 1-2.

No player in either team was not committed a bad foul and there is no Yellow or Red Cards.

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